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Clock Tower at Stanford University
This is the clock tower at Stanford University - It is a useful landmark to take note of in case you get lost and can't find your car, your daughter or the rest of the tour group.
Surprisingly few people running around on the Stanford campus know where the admissions office is.
Rephrasing the question as:
"Could you point me in the direction of the next metered parking?"
helped a lot.

Dates to Remember:
* Is your child applying to Stanford?
The admissions committees decide in December and March on who to accept for class of the following year! Don't forget to send cookies or other goodies!

The Early Rejection Process
We applied for early rejection at  Stanford - and by golly we got just that!
Did I mention that Stanford is stupid and smells bad? I hear they are mean to puppies, too and only accept people born with tails...
Next time you meet a Stanford alum, ask if you may see their tail!

Pennsylvania Hates Me
Today I went to get the mail and found a letter from Pennsylvania University that was not thick enough to contain all the love they should be feeling for my daughter.
I nearly had a heart attack.
I was sure it was another rejection letter and for a few minutes I considered just tossing it and hoping my daughter would forget she'd applied there.
Turned out it was just a letter confirming the receipt of her application.
I hate this! I wouldn't mind if they rejected me from every college, university or even obedience school in the country, but having to watch them reject my children makes me really, really cranky!


College Tripping

Last week my daughter and I went "College Tripping" as her school calls it. College Tripping is basically visiting colleges and universities to get a feel for what each one is like, and hopefully help the future college attendee - in this case my daughter - decide where to apply and eventually go.

On this trip we visited 3 universities: UCSC, CAL and Stanford. I think my daughter got a lot out of the trip - I mostly got blisters on my feet and lost. Of the three institutions, Stanford has the best parking situation. I think if my daughter went to Stanford there would be a chance I would actually see her again, unlike if she were to go to Berkeley, in which case I could only hope to catch a glimpse of her, and perhaps wave as I circled the block looking for a place to park.

Stanford University looking down palm tree street.

Santa Cruz would also be acceptable in this respect, but I think my daughter has no intention of attending the same school as her parents - despite the summer camp like conditions and cocoon like atmosphere afforded by the Banana Slugs. (Yes, that is our mascot and we are darn proud of it!)

Police Chief Drops In To Chat With Tree Protesters.Of course she was most impressed by violent-crime-up-by-40% Bezerkely.

Berkeley hasn't changed much, except for the quite noticeable absence of white faces - especially the male variety (with the exception of the current resident wackos in the quad ranting about conspiracies and trees).

I did get some good pictures of the day's protest - the topic was The Saving Of A Tree - which is actually not a bad idea, really... but the powers that be seem hell bent on chopping it down, what with all the fuss and goings-on I witnessed.

To the left: we see the Police Chief dropping by to chat with the protesters.

Below: Berkeley just wouldn't be the same without a good, old-fashioned police barricade.

Police Baricade in Berkeley California - September 2008

University of California at Berkeley wants you to know that they hate trees!

Stanford University wants you to know that they have the second largest campus in the world (1st largest is Moscow University) - and they are just soooooo spiffy doodle they can hardly stand it!

Honk if you Make These Mistakes!

Oops I said nothing at all! I thought something...I made a mute point!

"OH What a Nice Tree Fort!"


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