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COSTCO Pick - Fresh Creative Foods - Chicken Salad Sonoma, RATING: EXCELLENT

Picks And Pans - Shopping With Angie at Costco


I can't say enough about how much my family and friends love "Fresh Creative Foods - Chicken Salad Sonoma" " A delicious medley of white meat chicken dried cranberries, pecans in a gourmet dressing."


Now, the reason this chicken salad is so yummy is because of the mayonnaise, spices, and cranberries, so don't eat it every day, but... if you want to bring something really nice to a potluck, spoon it on to some of Costco's fresh whole wheat bread or bagel, sliced thinly. Or get some firm romaine or butter lettuce and make salad cups or make it into wraps. It is delicious cool summer treat that keeps well in the fridge.


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