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COSTCO Pick - Maya Kaimal Indian Coconut Curry, RATING: EXCELLENT

Picks And Pans - Shopping With Angie At Costco


Four Stars.


This fantastic Indian sauce should be in your basket every week. It is a fresh Indian Summer Sauce that is fantastic. Cook up any meat, tofu, veggie - toss it in the sauce and pour over rice. All my kids eat it 2,4 & 6 it is not spicy. And you can dump those fantastic organic carrots from Costco in there that are dirt cheap and come in the five pound bag. If you don't precook the carrots let the whole pot simmer, stove top or over for at least 30 min. You want the carrots al dente not mushy. This is fantastic sauce and I buy all the sauces made by this company and also highly recommend the Korma.


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