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My Pageant Day

Friday Evening Arrive at the pageant, check into hotel, get hair rolled make up put on and then dressed for mother daughter competition.
7:00 PM Mother/Daughter competition  - Straight from there, change into talent costume, get new hairdo, and compete in talent competition.
Crowning of mother daughter winners

Saturday: Up at 5:00 AM - Eat breakfast - put in hair rollers - have makeup done.
After make up, get hair done, get dressed and be on stage at 8:00 AM for up close appraisal and introduction (ages 0-6)
9 am switch into beauty dress and go back on stage for beauty competition (ages 0-6)
10:00 am through 1:00 pm
 All modeling events for all ages -  as soon as you come off stage from the modeling event you get changed and get a new hair do and make up touch-up for next event (Casual Wear, Church Wear, Pretty In Pink, Swim Wear, Western Wear) and get back into line up... its a very busy day
1:00 PM Lunch Break and Rest
4:00 PM Roll hair again make up again and into introduction outfit
6:00 PM Dads' legs and dads buns contest - Upclose appraisal and introduction for ages 7 and up.
7:00 PM Beauty competition for ages 7 and up

Sunday: Up at 6:00 AM roll hair, eat breakfast, get hair and make up done, get dressed.
8:00 AM Go to ball room for crowning and awards.
After crowning ceremony stay for Winners' pictures, then you go home and rest after a very busy and fun weekend of competing, swimming, playing with friends going out to eat with friends going in and out of each others hotel rooms and posing for many many pictures. (Moms love pictures of the girls having fun with their friends! That's what its all about!!)


The Competition Categories

Competing in the Beauty Category
Casual Wear
Abriel Modeling her Outfit for the Casual Wear Competition.


A Day at the Beauty Pageant

2008/2009 little Miss North Carolina Tarheel QueenHave you ever wondered what it is like to compete in a beauty pageant? I have!

So I asked one of the girls I sponsored (actually I asked her mother) whether they would give me the run down on what a typical day is like (If there is such a thing as typical).

Meet Abriel! She is the reigning 2008/2009 little Miss North Carolina Tarheel Queen.

Abriel's Mom provided some great photos taken during the pageant - these are the outfits Abriel wore for each category competition - and there are a lot! I asked Miss Abriel some questions - via her mother - my first interview!  Here are the questions and answers:


 Interview with Abriel:


  1. How long does a pageant like this usually last?
    Friday evening, Saturday (all day) and Sunday morning for crowning and awards.
  2. When does your day start when you are at a pageant?
    We have to get up around 5:00 AM so Mommy can get my hair rolled and I can eat breakfast and get my hair and makeup done.
  3. How many different outfits do you wear?
    In this pageant I had to wear 9 different outfits!
  4. Do you need a different hair-do for each outfit?
    No you don't have to but Miss Debbie (my hair dresser) says it makes you stand out to the judges to have a different look each time.
  5. How do they decide who the winner is?
    The one who gets the most points for smiling big, modeling good (well) and looking at the judges and smiling at them.
  6. Is there an overall winner - like in Miss America?
    Yes - it is the girl with the highest combined score from all the categories added together and that winner is the Majestic or Supreme winner.
  7. What do you like the most about competing in a pageant?
    Playing with my pageant friends and getting to stay in a hotel and sometimes we get cool prizes.
  8. What do you like the the least?
    I don't like to get up early and I don't like getting my hair done.
  9. What advice would you give to a girl who wants to compete in a pageant?
    Smile big on stage, look at the judges faces make sure you stand with pretty feet and hands and have fun playing with your friends. Mommy tells me you can't win them all and you can't lose them all - Everyone has their day. Do your best and have fun!

Category "Goof Balls"

Kids are still kids...


The Winner's Circle


Your Question!


Western Wear

Abriel Modeling her Outfit for the Western Wear Competition

Pretty in Pink


Church Wear

      Purple Flower
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