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The Holier Than Thou Derailers

  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center - Where Marxist plotters go to die. This organization is a thinly veiled Marxist cell created with the sole purpose of undermining the United States. They had lots of these in the countries that wound up spending 50 or so years behind the iron curtain. They are the rot from within, and they do not care about anybody but themselves, and grabbing power. Doing it under a guise of justice makes them harder to attack.

Derailing For Profit

  1. Employment Law Center - Perhaps this was once a legitimate organization, but one has to only glance at the list of "Philanthropists" from which it gets its funding, and it quickly becomes clear that this is Philanthropy for Profit. Unless the lawyers handle all of the legal work generated from their destructive laws "pro bono". And Wells Fargo, allows the foreigners to send money home to relatives without charging them horrendous fees. There was a time when a group like this would just be called a professional association or a lobby and its members "Republicans". But Hippie Boomers decided that it is evil to want to be rich and successful, so instead they make their money under the pretence of helping others, society, the environment (Al Gore). I read recently that it says in the Bible that hypocrisy is the one thing God will not forgive.


Attacking The National Language

Any civilized and well mannered human being, especially those who speak more than one language know how rude it is to speak in a foreign language in the presence of others who do not understand the language. When individuals engage in a conversation, and choose to exclude others from participating by use of a foreign language, it demonstrates their lack of respect for the other individuals present. Naturally, there are a few common sense caveats to this. You can't show up in Russia as an English speaker and expect everybody you come into contact with to speak to you in English. On the contrary, as the foreigner, it is your responsibility to communicate in the language of your hosts. Even if you are just on a short visit, you should at the minimum learn to say "please" and "thank you" in your host country's language.

This is not always easy. It took me an entire week just to learn how to say thank you in Greek, and I am sure I still butcher it, but at the end they could understand me and would always smile. This made me happy because, despite the Greeks' tendency to let their government spend way too much money and cause the poor Germans all kinds of headaches, I love visiting Greece and a big part of why that is, are the people. The Greeks really are nicer. So I want to make sure I show them the proper respect when I turn up in their country.

You don't need me to tell you this, you know it already. 99% of the world's population knows this. Conversely, if you want to demonstrate lack of respect, you do the opposite.

If you are part of a group of people who's goal it is to demean and denigrate an entire population of other people and force them on to the defensive, for example, those who identify themselves as "Progressives", then you institutionalize this lack of respect by creating laws which make everyday customs and protocol illegal. By doing this, the target population is so concerned with self-censoring their speech and actions that they fail to notice the planned, coordinated attack on their entire society and culture.

Here is an example of this:

Dear ______________

I am writing you to express my concern about the “English-only” rule in our workplace. This rule adversely affects minority employees who, like myself, speak a primary language other than English. I am asking that you seriously consider withdrawing the policy.

Because English-only rules burden only certain racial and ethnic groups, they are likely to violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), and other civil rights statutes. In addition, the FEHA was recently amended to prohibit employers from requiring their employees to speak only in English without a valid business necessity, and without giving them adequate notice. “Business necessity” means “an overriding legitimate business purpose” such that:

1. the English-only rule is necessary to the safe and efficient operation of the business;
2. the rule effectively fulfills the business purpose it is supposed to serve; and
3. there is no alternative to the rule that would accomplish the same purpose equally well with a less discriminatory impact.

English-only rules are divisive and alienating for non-native English speakers. Situations where workers feel constantly monitored, nervous, and afraid to speak in languages other than English often lead to the type of “hostile work environment” that violates the law. The law requires employers to take effective steps to eliminate such harassment based on language and national origin.

Although third parties who overhear a conversation in a language they do not understand might assume that they are being talked about, this is usually not the case, and it is not the case in our workplace. But even if there is a genuine concern about employees speaking badly about each other, employers can impose an even-handed policy that would prohibit derogatory speech about co-workers in any language, and which could be enforced in a non-discriminatory way that would not affect all speakers of any given language regardless of their actual behavior. For instance, offending employees could be separated and individually disciplined.

Because of the kind of the work that I, and others like myself, perform at our workplace, I do not believe that an English-only rule is needed here. In fact, prohibiting employees from speaking to each other in languages in which they can communicate more quickly and accurately can actually make our work less efficient.

To ensure a discrimination-free environment in our workplace, I respectfully ask that you promptly issue a written policy stating that employees here are free to speak to each other in any language.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity. Thank you very much for your consideration of my concerns.




Why Are Latino Hispanics Deemed To Be Too Stupid To Be Held To The Same Standards As Everybody Else?

In a country like this, where probably 90% of the population has a non-English speaking relative in their family tree, why are those from Central America the only ones who are treated as being incapable of managing the same adaptation process as a person from literally anywhere else in the world?

And I am excluding Cubans and South Americans from this because they are doing just fine, thank you very much.

      Purple Flower
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