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Dyson Vacuum DC-14 Full Kit In Cheery Goldenrod, RATING: EXCELLENT

Dyson DC 14 Vacuum Cleaner in Yellow and Grey


I now own 2 Dyson vacuum cleaners, a blue one (here is my blue Dyson in yellow) and a yellow one! I would not buy anything else. During the first two years we bought our house, I must have purchased and returned at least 6 different vacuum cleaners - I went through every vacuum that Costco had at the time. There were Hoovers and Bissells, Uprights both bag-less and with bag, canister vacuums, cheap vacuums and expensive ones. I hated them all because they all lost suction after about 5 months on average. At the time, Costco didn't sell the Dyson vacuum - it was just an Australian voice on TV to me.

Then one day, there it was! Into the basket it went, and it is still working wonderfully! It now resides in our vacation home, however, because the vacuum cleaner that came with the house didn't pick up a gosh darn thing. I vacuumed the family room with the old one first, then switched on my by now 3 year old blue Dyson, and its see through canister was full within about 5 minutes. I emptied it 3 times just doing the downstairs (and it is a small house). My guess is that the house hadn't really been vacuumed for years! Not that people didn't turn the old one on and go through the motions, mind you!



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