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eHarmony, the matchmaking and relationship site, came out recently with a new service for married couples designed to help them help themselves in working out issues in their relationship.I Want To Improve My Marriage Now!

I think this is a great idea because there are oodles of sites to assist people in "hooking up", but as in almost every tear-jerking romantic movie, the story ends at the alter! We all know that romance is wonderful, and there is nothing like the first 6 months of a relationship, but then we are woefully abandoned as we try to navigate the mine-filled waters of married life.

So, I am hopeful. I have signed myself up and am in the process of filling out the rather extensive initial questionnaire, and am taking notes as I go along to share here on the site. eHarmony advertises this service as an "Online Marriage Counseling Alternative", which is a tall order to fill. But, I am going into this with an open mind and will give it an honest to goodness test, using some of my own real-life problems (yes, I have them too!) without, of course revealing too many details! I hope you find this helpful!


The process begins with filling out a form and registering (oh joy), and you are given 6 choices dealing with what you hope to achieve by using eHarmony marriage. These six choices are:

  • Prepare for my new marriage
  • Maintain my marital happiness
  • Seek marital enrichment
  • Fix minor issues with my marriage
  • Fix major issues with my marriage
  • Avoid likely divorce

I chose "Fix minor issues with my marriage" as my option, since one can always use some improvement in ones relationship! I may go back and try out the "Maintain" and "Enrich" options just to see how they differ, but I kind of feel like, if absolutely everything is swell in your marriage, why waste time filling out questionnaires online? (Marriage counselors across the country just groaned and rolled their eyes at that statement!)

Next: Filling out the "Marriage Questionnaire" which according to eHarmony should take you about an hour to fill out. It's free so far btw!

Shooo Beeee Doooo...filling out the questionnaire now.....


Congratulations on finishing the eHarmony marriage questionnaire!

(Retro Housewife), based on the results of your marriage questionnaire, we can tell that you are experiencing some relatively minor challenges in your relationship.

In our eHarmony marriage program, we promise to show you how to use problems to your advantage and to give you the essential building blocks for lifelong love.

Follow up - you may have noticed that my review of eHarmony marriage ended rather abruptly. The problem I encountered was the other half of the equation - getting darling hubby to participate. That, I think is the biggest obstacle to this service. Unless your other half can find the proper motivation to spend the time not only thinking about relationships, but writing down - or box checking - in any case documenting his feelings, you are in for some one-sided counseling sessions. I found it worthwhile though, just to fill out the questionnaire. It really forces you to think about and focus on the critical aspects of a healthy relationship. I may take another stab at getting my husband to participate -we'll see. In the meantime, I would love to hear comments from anyone else who has used eHarmony Marriage. February, 2009.


2007 eHarmony Marriage Advertisment

eHarmony Marriage

A new service from eHarmony billed as an "Online Marriage Counseling Alternative"
eHarmony Marriage

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