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What Clothing Was Made Of in the 1950s

  1. Bates Cotton - Registered Bates cotton that washes easily, dries quickly, never needs starch, irons smooth with a stroke, shrinkage controlled. Examples: Edith Head Garment 1956
  2. Gabardine - Though there seems to be some dispute about the origin of Gabardine, it seems to be an invention of Burberry, the English clothier, and was introduced to the world in 1880. Burberry's website describes Gabardine as a "breathable, weatherproof and tearproof fabric" and was initially made from wool and primarily used for outerwear. These days, Gabardine is made out of many different fibers such as Wool, Cotton and Polyester.







Virtual Fabric Swatches


Red Gabardine Fabric
Red Gabardine - 100% Polyester

Navy Gabardine Fabric
Navy Gabardine - 100% Polyester

Stone Gabardine Twill - 100% Cotton

      Purple Flower



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