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  1. Gabardine - See Gabradine
  2. Lace
    1. Chantilly Lace: Chantilly lace takes its name from the city Chantilly, France where it originates. It is made of silk (the real stuff anyway), and has patterns of flowers and ribbons woven into a background of round lacy holes. The traditional color is black, although white and natural silk color were frequently made. These days, "Chantilly lace" appears in just about every color, although the term is used loosely and really means "Chantilly style" lace. Remember, to be real Chantilly Lace, it has to come from Chantilly, France, (Like Champagne has to come from Champagne, France) and follow the traditional patterns.
      Chantilly Lace Patterns
  3. Courtelle
    Courtelle is a 1960s fabric resembling wool, made of man-made fibers. "It is light, cool and washable but, of course, most man-made fibers are. The difference lies in the fact that this newest fabric has genuine chic. It has been used for knitted suits that are truly handsome."
  4. Silk
    1. peau de soie - literally translated from the French, peau de soie means "skin of silk".  A favorite for wedding dresses and bride's maid gowns, peau de soie is a medium to heavy, drapeable fabric with a satin weave and delustered finish. Seen referred to as:  Duchess Satin, Made of: 100% silk, silk/rayon blend, polyester, Modern Uses: wedding dresses, brides maid dresses, shoes, handbags,
      Polyester peau de soie $132.25 per bolt of fabric in 2009100% Silk peau de soie 2009 - About $23 per yard.






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