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The "Komposthaufen" or Composting

A critical element of any healthy garden is the compost pile. (You know, the whole circle of life thing.) My in-laws have this down to a science, and they are very particular about what gets thrown onto the compost pile.

First of all, only plant matter goes on. No meat, or you will soon be sorry. The whole point of composting is to reduce the need of using chemical fertilizers, as well as to reduce the amount of waste each one of us produces.

That is about as far as my knowledge goes on the topic, although I am looking into it. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this "spinning composter" at GAIAM
which looks like it will remove much of the unpleasantness of composting (although I can assure you, my mother-in-law would not approve of this contraption.)


Decorative Herb Garden
Decorative Herb Garden

Almost everything in this garden can be eaten, made into tea, or used in some herbal remedy! I myself have never had much luck with herb gardens, so I was particularly impressed by my mother-in-law's ability to combine esthetics with usefulness.

Plants shown in this photo from left to right: St. Johns Wort, Lavender, Pink Roses (Not edible), Sage (foreground), Some Other Stuff and Peppermint. (BTW, the word for "Peppermint" in German is particularly fun to say... it is "Pfefferminz" and there is just a hint of the "P" when you say it, otherwise it is all about the "F").


Herbs & Spices

Gardener's Little Helpers

If you live in an arid climate, keeping your plants alive during the summer can be a challenge... I rely on some trick watering solutions!

Watering Crystals Absorb Water When It Is Plentiful and Release It To Thirsty Plants During Drought.
Watering Crystals absorb water when it is plentiful and release it to thirsty plants during drought.

      Purple Flower


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