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Beauty, Fashion & Talent Contests Fashionable Child Contest

Do you think your child is fashionable? Do people comment how cute they’re always dressed? Well, entering the Fashionable Child contest is only a click away! Submit a picture and enter to win up to $500! The contest starts on August 20th, 2008 and ends November 20th, 2008.

How it works: Every child from1 month to 12 years old can participate.

  • Step 1: Choose a picture that shows your child’s unique style!
  • Step 2: Send it by e-mail to and receive an email offer for 10% off your next purchase at
  • Step 3: WIN! The winner will be announced on the blog ( on 11/21/2008 and will be alerted via e-mail.
Selection Criteria: cares about fashion, and rewards it!! In our “Fashionable Child Contest” every child from 1 month to 12 years old can participate. We will be selecting a first, second and third place winner in 3 months!

The first place winner will get a $500 gift certificate to be spent at, the second place $300 and the third place $200. And lastly, for participating in the contest we will reward you with 10% off your next purchases at!

They want you to buy shoes at, of course - but I figured everybody needs shoes and it would be nice to have one of those gift certificates.

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