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Faucet Tub/Shower Toggle Broken, RATING: TEST IN PROGRESS

Reader Beware: These are just my notes as I try to tackle a few household fix-it projects. I have no idea what I am doing, so at this point viewing this as a guide would be downright foolish.

The shower in the kid's bathroom is "broken" - so they informed me. What is really broken is something in the tub spout that you pull up to make the water come out the showerhead instead of the tub spout. I am calling this a toggle until I learn better. I have no idea whether I can fix just the toggly part in the spout, need to replace the spout itself, rip out the entire bath/shower combo or sell the house and buy a new one. I am interested in getting this fixed sooner rather than later because all teenagers are now using the guest/dog bathroom as well as their own bathroom, meaning I have two bathrooms getting teenager dirty, rather than just one.



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