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Doorknob CoversDoorknob Covers
  • Here is a tip from Darcie, on the topic of child safety..Thanks Darcie!
  • Darcie wrote: I have used the for my first child. They worked like a dream. He is now five.

  • We have 19 month old twins. A boy and a girl. My boy can take the doorknob covers off in about five seconds of me getting one on the doorknob. I also use gates in each doorway so that I have backup safety. I like to use the doorknob covers so that the twins do not open and shut the doors on their fingers. Guess I will be looking for something else.

  • My oldest child never figured out how to get them off and never figured out how to use them. Just thought others might want to know that a backup safety device for doors might be more useful.


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Foam Edge Corner Cushions, RATING: POOR

Note From RH: - Dear Readers, as you may or may not have noticed, there is a second Retro Housewife lurking about the site! My sister has joined me on a "when she gets a chance" basis, having just "retired" from her former life as a trial attorney, to devote herself to raising the two cutest little girls ever (except for mine, of course) and her husband.

Old habits die hard of course, and she tends to see a lawsuit behind every tree ;=) but then again, she would know! So, Welcome Sis! RH


If you have small children, toddlers, or infants in your home and learning to walk, you are always on the lookout for safety devices for your home. I purchased two safety products in a series of products made by Parents Magazine from Target (The Parents Magazine product doesn't seem to be available online, so I am illustrating with the Lionheart Brand of Corner Guards). I haven't tested the Lionheart Corner Guards (product below), but if you buy them save your receipt because no one seems to be too happy with those, either!

The Lionheart Corner Guards sell online for $14.99.  I paid about the same price for Parents Magazine corner guards (an identical product) in an actual Target store.

Cushiony Corner Guards by Prince Lionheart I also purchased a long strip, suitable for the long edge of a coffee table, (also the Parents Magazine brand), with the same result.  They simply come off.


After fastening securely at night, the foam cushions were allowed to set over night. My eleven month old promptly removed them in the morning an took a bite out of one.  I am sorry to say I think this is a defective product and may be headed for a products liability suit.  There are mixed reviews of this product on the Target web site. Check it out for yourself. Corner Guards - 2-pk

Bottom line, if you buy, save your receipt so you can return it. I fully intend to.  Furthermore, the price point for these products is really high at $10 - $25 it would cost you around $50 to outfit a regular coffee table!


Corner Guards by Prince Lionheart

The Corner Guards by Prince Lionheart were purchased at Target.

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