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Gaiam Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets, RATING: EXCELLENT

I am always on the lookout for quality bed sheets, and duvets (duvets aren't always easy to find, although the situation has improved over the last 10 years). Being the "bargain shopper" that I am, it is usually a challenge to find real quality at a price that won't knock your socks off. GAIAM Logo Bed sheets are one of those things that I hate to skimp on, just because we spend a good percentage of our lives in bed, so being comfortable is important. Being healthy is also important! I am not a big fan of the "let's soak everything in chemicals so it won't do this or that" crowd. I have seen with my own two eyes what these "harmless" chemicals can do: lovely red, itchy skin rashes from wearing new clothes with out washing them first. SO... If I can afford it, I buy organic! Especially for stuff that is used next to the skin. Which leads me to these organic cotton sateen sheets I bought from GAIAM (Gaiam is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores).


Product Description: Drenched in rich, beautiful colors derived from low eco-impact dyes, our entire 250-thread count Organic Cotton Sateen Collection is woven from exceptionally soft 100% organic cotton and finished without harsh chemical softeners or chlorine. Machine wash sheets. Imported.


These are some of the nicest sheets I have owned. They feel great next to the skin and are really pretty. Since they are sateen sheets, they have a shine to them that makes them look really elegant. They arrived in nice little matching cloth bags too, that you can use to store them in, or use for something else! I haven't washed them yet, so once I do, I'll report on how they fared. But so far I am so happy with them, just before I started writing this, I went and bought 3 more fitted sheets and 5 sets of pillowcases. Like I said, they are on sale right now: Queen Fitted Regular: $70.00 Sale Price: $19.99 so I got while the getting is good!


Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

GAIAM Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

The sheets come in great colors: persimmon, raspberry, mulberry, natural, blue, dried sage, honey, russet, sand or mint. Not all items available in all colors - and they are going fast because they are on sale (09/07/2007).

PLUS - Gaiam has some great coupons at the moment!


Here's a GAIAM Coupon:

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