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shennie smith
Shennie Smith 2009
I found Shennie via Craigs List - we were looking for a student who would be willing to dress up like Marilyn Monroe, show up at our prom, and talent permitting, sing a tune or two from the '40s or 50s. (The theme of our prom was "Old Hollywood")

As it turned out, Shennie's talent permitted, and her performance was a highlight of the evening! More on Shennie

Album Cover - Rock and Roll Housewiferenee cologne ..All she wanted was to live a normal middle class existence marry a nice man, have dinner on the table for him after a hard days work at the office and maybe have some kids. The bearded lady in the circus troupe felt sorry for Renee and bought her an EZ Bake her full story on:
Rock & Roll Housewife


For the Artistic Housewife!

The Gallery is a collection of artistic works which have something to do with either "retro" or "housewife" which I have stumbled upon, or the artist has stumbled upon me. There are a lot of cool people out there doing cool things, and if you are one of them, and would like to show off your talent a bit, give me a holler!

  1. Rock & Roll Housewife - Renee Cologne
  2. 1950s Retro Housewife - Retro Model Sari
  3. Retro Housewife with Cake - Retro Model Sari
  4. Retro Housewife 40s Style with Basket - Retro Model Sari
  5. Retro Clip Art - by Andy Nortnik
  6. Oops - Retro Model Sari
  7. The Wedding Day - A short story by Gabriela
  8. Bear Flag Republic - Online Retro Store - featuring 1930s, 1940s, 1950s.
  9. Shennie Smith - Discovered!

Andy Nortnik Retro Clip Art






About the Artists

Retro Model SariRetro Model
describes herself as "The Original Pin-Up Girl from Germany" Need a Retro Look? Sari's Your Gal! View More of Her Work at (Her site is in English!)

Retro Clip Art by Andy NortnikART BY ANDY NORTNIK! Andy's a freelance cartoonist, pop art artist, illustrator and clip art designer. Andy does great retro pieces, and you will be seeing some of his work throughout! More about Andy on his site:

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