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  1. WOW!!!

    Picture Of Jeopardy Question With Retro Housewife on TV!

     A BIG BIG Thanks To Lexie for taking these pictures and making them available to me! On TV Show Jeopardy!
    March 23, 2009 is mentioned on Jeopardy!

    Here is the question: calls a ‘70s-style print a “Mippie”, a blend of mod and this word. I haven't seen the episode myself, but my mother and sister were watching and called me up all in a tizzy. Then I found the mention on this Jeopardy fan site.
    Jeopardy mentions in a question on March 23, 2009.

  2. It’s fashionable to be an old-fashioned housewife again - by Corinne Abrams, From: Times Online, October 10, 2007

     "One blog, Retro Housewife, explains the resurgence as a revolt against life’s frenetic pace"

  3. Reclaiming the Apron, by Nicola Poole From: Nzgirl Online, 05/04/2007

  4. Yes I Made it Myself - by India Knight From: Times Online, August 13, 2006 -  
    ..."Many look so beautiful that they could win design awards, are written with wit and panache, and are patronised not by old fogeys but by hip young women in their twenties. (If I’m whetting your palate, try,,, cupcake crochet at,, and Aside from these sites and others like them, there are also thousands of blogs about family life "


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