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AT THE BACHELOR GROVE out at 145th St. and Oak Park Ave., a Hallowe'en skating party will be held Friday night, October 31, with awards for the best costumes. . . . Earl Leider is the owner of this open-all-night spot which holds skating on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and Sunday afternoons. Chicago, 1941
HALLOWE'EN PARTIES will be held October 30 and 31 at WINKELMAN'S COCKTAIL LOUNGE. . . . There'll be souvenirs and favors. . . . Continuous entertainment and dancing are attractions nightly with Bunnie Lee, "the blonde bombshell," as song stylist, as the featured performer. . . . Italian spaghetti is the specialty on the menu Wednesdays, fish Fridays and roast turkey on Saturdays. Chicago, 1941



1941 Halloween Party at Mickey Lafferty's - Cocktails for Two - Chicago, Illinois.

First thing I noticed about Halloween in the 1940s is the funny little habit of writing it "Hallowe'en"! Not sure what that is all about...must doRetro Halloween Themed Cocktail Lounge research!

Second thing I noticed is that there seems to be no shortage of entertainment opportunities for adults, indeed a search for Halloween in the archives produces oodles of ads like the one above, and nary an ad for adorable little Halloween costumes for the kiddies!

Trick-or-treat? So far mostly reports of what will come to be known as the Teenager pulling pranks and committing minor acts of vandalism. Could it be that the candy aspect of Halloween came later? To bribe youngsters into leaving stationary objects in their usual locations? Stay tuned!

1940 Halloween Word Game from the Oakland Tribune.Here's something fun! A 1940 Halloween word game for kids! (Although it may prove challenging for adults too...). The caption reads "To win this word game you are required to spell 35 or more english words of two or more letters by using only the letters in "WITCHES"."

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1938 Progressive Halloween Party

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Saturday night a Halloween party for the young people will be given at the home of Mrs. Elsie Woodall. Miss Dawna Mossman is assisting with this party.



12 Years Old

On Halloween the ghosts come out. Just on the stroke of midnight! To scare each little boy and girl, With every little scary sight. But if I were you. I would go to bed, Where the witches and ghosts can't get you. And tuck the covers up over my head. And sleep till the hour is o'er. 1940 (Little Joyce Meyers would be 79 in 2007)

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