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It was the night of October 31, and all the children were getting their Halloween costumes on. Most of the children were going "Trick or Treating" around 7:30 p.m. Some of the younger children were going at 7 o'clock... 1952
Gypsy Costume - 1952 - Wear a yellow jumper with a blouse and three necklaces. Wear lipstick and rouge and possibly false braids.

Halloween pranks and problems are looming in many homes. Witches, black cats, hooting owls, and fearsome masks hide gentle pixie faces. The door-bell rings, and we hear the familiar chirp "Trick or Treat."

Nothing will delight youngsters more than having their parents enter wholeheartedly into the spirit of Halloween. So plan a bewitching snack for older children and grown ups.

The snack can be most tempting. Please your guests by adding juicy cartwheel slices of orange for the tasty combination of cold meats, cheese and potato chips.

The tiny mirthful orange goblins made from clear-skinned California oranges, provide gay decorations. Adding to the spirit of the occasion and providing tasty bites to accompany an iced lemon coffee or orange doughnuts. Frost chocolate doughnuts with orange frosting for a "just right" combination. 1957



Halloween 1950 - Prankster Damage Big Over State

 Oklahoma City Has Most Destructive Halloween in Many Years, Other Cities Also Hit Hard.

"It was the worst from a destruction standpoint in the last 20 years. Usually we are able to hold these things down. This year it got out of hand."

Most of the broken windows were in a residential area near the downtown district. But a large rock was sailed through a picture window in an exclusive residential area.Ada Has Cheerful Halloween With Little Damage.

Halloween in the 1950s, besides still being spelled funny, was a time when youths took the "trick" more seriously than the "treat".

Hallowe'en Happenings

Hallowe'en, the eve of All-Hallows, Witches Night, call it what you will, but make it a season of fun, not destruction.

Last year, as we recall it was not a particularly happy Hallowe'en for some of our people. Victims of harmful and costly practical jokes suffered considerable distress, but they are somewhat better off than were the perpetrators of these pranks who subsequently were forced to pay full penalty for their misdeeds.

Out of these unfortunate experiences some lessons are learned. But there is still much in evidence that vandalism and destruction are the similes which some of our juveniles (in mind if not in age alone) attach to Hallowe'en.

It is indeed unfortunate that Hallowe'en as has happened to some of our other more seriously observed holidays, has become not one night of revelry and indulgence, but rather a series that starts when the whim hits and continues well beyond the appointed date.

Suggestion has come from one recent victim of disgraceful depredation that a curfew be established as remedy to night season prankfulness. We can't say that we blame the gentleman who undoubtedly is joined by many others in the suggestion, especially those who like himself have suffered the ill influences of Hallowe'en.

Curfew is not necessary for those youngsters and adults who enter into the true spirit of Hallowe'en. Masquerade parties and parades are the accepted thing. And in Naugatuck and in Beacon Falls, as well as in other area communities, civic-conscious organizations are sponsoring such events for the youngsters. In Naugatuck the Hallowe'en festival is sponsored by the American Legion, and in Beacon Falls by the St. Michael's Men's club, Beacon Hose Company and American Legion. These are events that are deserving of public acclaim and community support.

Short of curfew there is no better formula for curbing the Hallowe'en rascals than police and public action to apprehend them, and stern penalty in the courts. Those entertaining doubts about what can happen to offenders would do well to check court records and newspaper reports of last year's Hallowe'en escapades before stepping off the deep end into trouble.
Naugatuck Daily News, Wednesday, October 30, 1957 Naugatuck, Connecticut

1950s Halloween Party

Halloween Recipes

Halloween Props and Decorations

Halloween is fun time, and every party will be the merrier for games of different kinds. Some guests like the active, running games or the individual contests of ducking for apples or stunts. Others like card tricks, written contests, and charades. Every Halloween party should have a fortune teller or contest where fortunes are told.
Apple Seed Fortune Telling Game

How To Play:

This apple seed fortune telling has been done for generations. Every guest receives an apple and he or she can break the apple in two or eat it to find out how many seeds are inside. Then each person counts the seeds. Boys will find their future professions, and the girls will be told what their husbands will be by counting the seeds. Count 1 as a rich man; 2, poor man; 3, beggar man; 4, thief; 5, doctor; 6, lawyer; 7, merchant 8, chief. Then repeat until all of the seeds are gone. Now find where you will live. One, big house 2, little house 3, pig pen and 4, barn. You will wear: 1, silks; 2, satins; 3, calico; and 4, rags. You will ride in: 1, coach; 2, carriage; 3, wheelbarrow, and 4, cart.


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