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Spicy Milk Punch For Halloween

When a party date means that you're the hostess, you want your party to be something special. Food that tastes good and looks terrific will help. This is the time to begin planning for your party - be it after the game, an open house, a club meeting, or just an evening of records. Anyone can serve the old - time and often boring soda, potato chips, nuts and mints.

Halloween Hostess Witch Why don't you make the food at your party a challenge to our imagination as well as appealing and interesting to your guests. We're sure you'll agree the following recipes will be easy to prepare and well received by your guests. They may even ask you for the recipe - a real tribute to you as a hostess.



Halloween Party Suggestions

Halloween, the night of October thirty-first, is the time of the year when one is supposed to be able to look into the future and have one's fate settled for the coming year.

So why not invite friends to a Halloween party and join in the fun of trying some of the ways of finding out what the future holds in store. The traditions of this night don't change, but there are new ways of adapting them for parties.

Create the proper atmosphere by having some spooky decorations for the guests to come through and have them come in costume and masked.

Keep the refreshments simple, but appropriate for a Halloween party.

The table should be gay and festive with decorations to accent the magic of the night and to add atmosphere to your party.

After the little spooks and goblins have made the early evening rounds of trick or treat, they will be ready and hungry for some refreshments.

For the small fry, serve ham and cheese sandwiches, ginger bread, cup cakes and witch's brew which is really spiced apple cider.

To make the sandwiches slice hamburger buns in half spread lightly with butter and toast under the broiler. Top with a slice of ham and one of cheese. Another sandwich could be added, a peek-a-boo one; make by spreading a mixture of equal parts of finely chopped raisins and peanut butter on round of white bread top with a round in which eyes, nose, and mouth have been snipped out with scissors.

With these serve hot mulled cider.

Decorative Meat Platter For-Your Halloween Get-Together

Decorative Meat Platter For-Your Halloween Get-Together

"Put on a happy face" for your Halloween party with this pumpkin faced buffet platter. You will set a festive mood with this unusual way of arranging a variety of luncheon meats. It's easy to do. Just alternate the meats to form a circular face and use the cheese and pepperoni slices for the eyes, nose and mouth. This quick idea can be made ahead, covered and stored in the refrigerator until guests arrive. To design the face, go creative and try new and different combinations with table-ready meats. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and flavors. Choose your favorite light colored, mild flavored luncheon meats such as P and P loaf, New England brand sausage, and bologna and the darker colored, spicier dry sausages like cooked salami and sliced pepperoni . These, along with the processed cheese used for the face and hat, give a nice variety for sandwich making. Accompany your meat platter with hot mulled cider and assorted breads and crackers. You're sure to please your guests when they can create their own sandwiches from their favorite luncheon meats. October 24, 1968 Source: The Delta Democrat-Times, Greenville, Mississippi

1960s Halloween Party

Halloween Recipes

Some Suggestions for Halloween Party Refreshments:

  • Frost cup cakes with orange icing. Make a face on each with bits of raisins.
  • Apricot prune upside down cake makes the perfect Halloween color scheme. Alternate the cooked dried apricots and prunes and use your favorite yellow cake recipe.
  • Shape grated cheese into small pumpkins and with the back of a knife make indentations. Use a whole clove for the stem.

So now get out the traditional Jack-O-Lantern with a candle inside and make plans for a gay Halloween party.

The Frederick News, Maryland 1963
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