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Trick Or Treat

... Among many, one merry prank stands out in my mind. That which involved our town bootlegger Horace called "Horse" - Tolliver.

One All Hallow's Eve he snuck out to sample a jug of trapped lightning he had stashed in a hollow tree, but when he groped inside his fingers touched not the jug but a cold, stone slab. Horse hauled the thing out and lit a match to study the rectangular thing which looked exactly like a headstone Further, painted in dead black were the words:

"Here lies old Horse
With this sad news:
'Done in too soon
By his own booze.'"

Horse's correct birth date followed the stanza, and the date of demise was given as Nov. 5th, six days away. Horse immediately fell into such a mighty scare that he didn't do a thing but sit in a rocking chair with his palms turned up until Nov. 10th when it dawned on him that, since he was still among the living, the headstone was a prank.

That left him time to concentrate once more on important matters like making up for lost time in the sampling of his commodity and conducting a grim search for the culprits who filched his jug from the hollow tree. - But he never found us.

By Iris Syndergaard, Ogden Standard-Examiner, Sunday, October 28, 1973




Trick-or-treating is "nightmarish" big business

The ideal weather forecast for tonight, as far as some businessmen are concerned, is cool and clear, with a full moon. Because if the weather is good on Halloween night, all the little (and big ) ghosts and goblins will be out in force and that will make the costume and candy makers very happy. Halloween means about $400 million in candy sales and $37 million in costume rental and sales income.  The Chronicle Telegram, October 31, 1973


1973 - Halloween Dress Revue1973 Halloween Dress Revue - I think I see Sigmund the Sea Monster - does anybody remember Sigmund the Sea Monster? Am I making this up? - There is a Tweetie bird - looks kind of angry - maybe he just got drafted - then there is a witch and a wizard and a darling little boy in a Top Hat!


Halloween- It's A Hobo Party

Years ago when hobos rode the rails, farm women would feed them while children listened raptly to their stories. Today there are fewer romantic train whistles, fewer still whistle stops. But kids will always be fascinated by the free and easy life with its promise of adventure.

TEMPTING TREATS - Who hasn't had a touch of wanderlust for the free and-easy life. Celebrate it this Halloween with homemade treats to tempt the most well-traveled "hobo" ~ like Frozen Banana Pops, Halloween Hopscotch Candy and Hobo Bag Brownie Drops.

This Halloween, plan a "hobo party." Let the kids wear their oldest, funniest cloths and exchange tales of their trick - or treat adventures while they feast on party goodies.

Give each child a knapsack or hobo bag made from brightly colored cloth of bandanas and filled with "eats." Besides sandwiches, nuts and apples, add some homemade treats to tempt the "travelin' man." Here are three that are very easy to prepare because they start with sweetened condensed milk, the convenient food base that's already blended and cooked.

Perky Frozen Banana Pops are sure to be a favorite. Sweetened condensed milk blends quickly with chocolate forming a smooth, fudgy coating mixture that freezes hard -- fresh bananas give a nutritious boost.

Halloween Hopscotch Candy again requires no baking. Sweetened condensed milk harmonizes complementary flavors, raisins and peanuts add a healthful plus.

Everyone Loves brownies, And Hobo Bag Brownie Drops are a perfect size to pop in the mouth. Rich, moist and chewy, they need only four ingredients and just a few minutes in the oven., your "hobo host " - or hostess might enjoy mixing them up, then dropping by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet. 1977

1970s Halloween Party

Halloween Recipes

1972 Ad for Jolly Time Pop Corn

1977 - Halloween Costume Easy To Make
If you want your child to stand out in this Halloween's cast of hobo's, hobgoblins and super heroes, consider the advice of Marie Smith, a holiday displays designer for a card company. "Unusual Halloween costumes are relatively easy and inexpensive to make," she says.

 "The biggest expenditure is time, and with a young child that's always time well spent."

 "Start by discussing the whole range of Halloween costumes with your child. Let the youngster decide on a theme and then get busy together."

 "A child, a parent, a pair of black leotards or pants and a black shirt go a long way toward creating a unique torn cat to roam the Halloween streets."

"Here's how to add the finishing touches," says Miss Smith"

"Fasten a robe tail to the child's belt. Draw thin black whiskers on the child's face with an eyebrow pencil, add a pair of black gloves and send the child out purring."

"All the junior pirates, demons and witches who trick or treat should be clearly marked by luminous tape to alert motorists," the designer reminds.

Here are some additional Halloween costume ideas:

To outfit your youngster as a friendly pumpkin, cut the stalk from two card board pumpkin door decorations. Punch holes above and below the arm slots. Tie the decorations together with green yarn or string. Green tights or pants, green material scraps over the shoes, and a collar of green leaves cut from scraps and gathered on elastic complete the look.

1977 Home Made Clown Costume - How To Make A Halloween Costume For Kids
If your child wants to clown around, take some inexpensive fabric or an old sheet and, using the child's pants and shirt as patterns, cut out a costume. Allow three extra inches on the front and the back for the blousing effect. Baste along the side seams, and gather the arms, waist and cuffs of the pants on elastic. Stitch the shirt hem and collar. Use two colorful paper plates as oversized buttons and yam pompoms as fluffy polka dots. String accordion-fold crepe streamers on elastic thread to make ruffles at the neck and wrists.

If your clown needs floppy feet, cut two teardrop shaped pieces from cardboard, cover with material and trim with pompoms. Then provide a big hug and send your clown on his or her way. Panama City News-Herald, October 27, 1977, Page 16

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