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Top Halloween Costumes Of the 1990s

  • 1994 - The Power Rangers were No. 1. (Pink Power Ranger for Girls and Blue or Black Power Ranger for boys.)
  • 1995 - "Pocahontas has stolen the show this year. Expect her (Pocahontas) on your doorstep almost every time your doorbell rings on Halloween." "We see a lot of people come in looking for Batman, but Robin is losing." Other popular costumes: "Sesame Street" characters, Winnie the Pooh and the Superheroes.



Halloween provides 'boo-ming' sales

"If beginning to look a lot like ..." Halloween! Take a drive through your community - any community in Raystown Country - and you find displays, from simple leaf-filled ghosts and pumpkins to elaborate, illuminated, scary scenes. Halloween, you see, is no longer just for the kids. The baby-boomers of the '90s have found a new holiday to embrace. And, each year, more and more people are getting into the act. Nowadays, instead of taking or sending their costumed children out for a couple hours of "trick or treating" on Halloween night, the adults themselves are investing their time and lots of money creating ornate outdoor and/or indoor displays, buying or renting costumes and holding their own festive Halloween parties.

Nationally, Halloween, has become the number two holiday - behind Christmas - for home decorating and now ranks number one among holiday candy sales, surpassing Valentine's Day. And it has leapfrogged over other holidays into No. 3 in party-themed merchandise, trailing only Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Eve. All of this is bringing smiles to the faces of retailers as they hear the whiz of the cash registers. Halloween, according to the latest figures, has become a $2.4-biIlion national holiday season. By Sue McElwee, Senior Staff Writer, The Saturday Daily News, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, October 25, 1997

1990s Halloween Party

Halloween Recipes
Halloween Costumes!

Tips For Teen Party

Is it cool for a 15-year old to have fun on Halloween? Probably not, but teenagers can still have fun getting into the spirit of the celebration.

  • If teens are gathering at your house for a Halloween bash, add some spook to the evening by renting a scary movie like "Friday the 13th," "Halloween," "Bram Stoker's Dracula," Or go with a classic like "Rosemary's Baby," "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" or "Frankenstein." (These may go fast around Oct 31. Don't be disappointed. Reserve a copy at your neighborhood video store.)
  • Provide a bottomless bowl of chocolate and other trick-or-treat booty. Just because they're too old to go house-to-house demanding candy doesn't mean teens don't want to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  • Dig out the old Ouija board, turn out the lights and take turns asking it questions.
  • Want gross decorations for your party? Call your favorite butcher shop and reserve some cow or hog entrails or eyeballs. Freeze them and then bring them out right before the party. Place the object in a Jar or other container with some rubbing alcohol. Yuck (Kids'll love it).
  • Too old for a costume party? Not!! Teens will probably have a blast coining up with a costume for a party.
  • Find someone who can really tell a spooky story. Kids are pretty sophisticated these days, so make sure the tale's shock value is pretty high.
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