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Halloween Contact Lenses 2007
A Halloween Costume can be made more realistic by using special cosmetic contact lenses to complete your Halloween costume!

Disney Halloween Boootique




Boo! Welcome the the 2007 Retro Housewife Halloween Page! This year, I thought ahead (a little) and picked out all the websites I could find that have Halloween costumes and party supplies and then made a very scary Search Pumpkin... (Jack-O-Lantern really)!

What is a Search Pumpkin, you may wonder! A Search Pumpkin is a Very Magic Thing! You type something into its mouth and then click "SEARCH" and it chews on it awhile, then shows you what if found! Anyway, I hope you like it! Happy Halloween!

Halloween coupons: - 25% off Everything! Coupon Code: SWEEP25 (Link for coupon) - Hurry - good only until 10/24!

Top 10 Ladies Halloween Costumes 2007

  1. Mermaid Costume
  2. Comical Cow Costume
  3. Wilma Flintstone Costume
  4. Spartan Cheerleader Costume
  5. Batgirl Costume
  6. Wonder Woman Costume
  7. Car Hop Girl 50's Costume
  8. Female Elvis Presley Costume
  9. Marilyn Monroe Costume
  10. Wilma Flintstone Costume

Top 10 Girls Halloween Costumes 2007

  1. Hannah Montana
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean (Elizabeth Geisha)
  3. Dora The Explorer
  4. Lil' Penguin
  5. Snow White
  6. Lazytown Stephanie
  7. Cinderella
  8. Doodlebops Dee Dee
  9. Barbie Princess Rosella
  10. Deluxe Quiddich Robe

Top 10 Boys Halloween Costumes 2007

  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. Spider-man
  4. Devious Jester (Was Wicked/Evil Jester)
  5. Prince Charming
  6. Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 2007
  7. Jango Fett
  8. Narnia Peter War
  9. Cars Lightening McQueen
  10. Diego from Dora the Explorer

Top 10 Gentlemen's Halloween Costumes 2007

  1. Wizard of Oz Scarecrow
  2. Wizard of Oz Tin man
  3. Captain America
  4. Mr. Incredible Muscle
  5. Jack Skellington
  6. Ole Cow Hand
  7. Jedi Knight
  8. Caesar Burgundy
  9. Evil Jester Black/White
  10. Speed Racer

Top Selling Costumes at
  1. Angel Instant Child
  2. Yoda Toddler
  3. Barbie, Princess
  4. Geisha My Size
  5. Harry Potter
  6. Lady Bug Infant Costume
  7. Sexy Plum Vampiress Sexy Adult Plus Size
  8. Skeleton Bride, Plus Size
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Clyde The Search Pumpkin

Spooky Bones Border

Halloween No Nos

  1. No Tripping or Stumbling!
    Mom, make sure the wee ones' costumes aren't too long, and either guide the way with a flashlight or provide one (preferably a hands free flashlight or headlamp)  so that they may see the way!
  2. No Speeding Thru Neighborhoods!
    I speed, you speed we all speed, but if you do it on Halloween in a residential neighborhood, you are a very, very bad person. The Headless Horseman - Halloween FavoriteDad, keep those running shoes on and a camera handy so you can chase speeders down like the dogs they are! Then photo the plates and call the police. Don't get into your own car and try to follow.
  3. No Porch Light On
    No Knocky. Leave those party poopers be and concentrate on the fun houses who spent a small fortune and several months coming up with their Halloween decor!
    (I cannot, however, prevent you from pondering the true meaning of "Trick or Treat" and acting accordingly!)Trick or Treat

Creepy Glowing Spider in Web!
Princess Costume for a Little Girl - Blue Witch Costume for a Little Girl Adorable Pumpkin Costume for Baby Hershey Kiss Costume For Baby Bumble Bee Costume For a Toddler
I can never resist the cute little baby and toddler costumes!
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