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Top Halloween Costumes Of 2009

I can't help noticing the GenX  influence on the choices of costumes - especially on the children's costumes. Mario, Luigi, Ghostbusters - all re-runs from the 1980s. But where are the Pac Man costumes?

  1. Batman Brave & Bold Batman Child CostumeBatman Brave & Bold View

  2. Batman Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage CollectionBatman Dark Knight - The Joker, Grand Heritage Collection View

  3. Dark Heart Queen Adult CostumeDark Heart Queen Adult Costume View

  4. Luigi Deluxe Child CostumeDeluxe Luigi Toddler/Child Costume View

  5. Super Mario Deluxe Child CostumeDeluxe Mario Toddler/Child Costume View

  6. Enchanting Queen Of Hearts Adult CostumeEnchanting Queen of Hearts Adult Costume View

  7. Ghostbuster Child CostumeGhostbuster Child Costume View

  8. Lil' Monkey Elite Collection Infant/Toddler CostumeLil' Monkey Elite Collection Infant or Toddler Costume View

  9. Pink Supergirl Child CostumePink Supergirl Child Costume View

  10. Transformers Bumblebee Movie 3-D Deluxe Child CostumeTransformers Bumblebee Movie 3-D Deluxe Child Costume View



Fredericks Of Hollywood Halloween Costume - Wonder Woman
I want to go as her...

BTW - Wonder Woman, played by Lynda Carter, was a popular show in the late 1970s (I liked it anyway...) Here is a picture of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

In this picture, she is displaying her wonders by holding up some very heavy object, which would presumably otherwise fall down and squish somebody.

Her bracelets, besides being kind of kinky, were very handy bullet deflectors.

The golden lasso would typically be used to capture the bad guys at the end of the show. They would then confess because the golden lasso had the power to make them do that.

Neato, isn't it?

The Best Halloween House On The Block

The Tabletop Mist Emitting Skull Fountain.

The 9' Spider Arbor.The Best Halloween House On The BlockThe 3' Fogging Jack O' Lantern

FootprintsFootprintsSpooky Paw Print

The Illuminated Skeleton Graveyard.Footprints

FootprintsSpooky Paw PrintTRICK


Spooky Paw PrintSpooky Paw PrintOR



Clyde The Search Pumpkin

2009 Halloween Treats

(Stuff that makes me go YUM)

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Halloween Cats & Bats Gift Collection $24.95!

Halloween Wicked Chocolate Cake $19.95
Halloween Wicked Chocolate Cake $19.95

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Spookie Cookie Collection

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