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    1950s Blonde Housewife Wig

PS! I have received several emails asking about "Retro Housewife" Costumes. I am looking for some good ones and will post them when/if I find them! I saw a few that weren't very creative and kind of sleazy so I will keep looking!


Housewife Halloween Costumes!

I am already starting to get questions about where to buy housewife Halloween costumes, so I have been doing some research and have come up with the following:

Housewife Halloween Costume - Green Dress, Wig and SlippersHousewife Halloween Costume #1 at HalloweenOnly - Green Dress, Wig and Slippers: This little housewife costume includes the dress, slipper-like shoe covers and hilariously gaudy vinyl wig. Very Important: Rolling pin not included. Price last time I checked: $34.98

Naughty Housewife CostumeHousewife Costume #2 was originally called "deviant housewife", which sounds icky, so I renamed her "naughty housewife".  You can find this costume here on for the scarily low price of $39.99. (Get it? Scarily? I kill me!)

Be careful with the "sexy housewife" makes men crazy! You should just see what men are searching for on the internet that includes the word "housewife"! Another Naughty Housewife Costume

Housewife Halloween Costume #3 ... Another Naughty Housewife Costume! Includes: off the shoulder crop top, apron skirt, stockings with bow, matching headpiece, and spatula (no usage instructions for the spatula). $49.99 at


Clyde The Search Pumpkin


Dark Brown Housewife Wig With Big Green Rollers.
Oversized Housewife Wig $22.99

The Perfect Wife Costume Wig
 The Perfect Wife Wig $19.99 at

 1960s Housewife Wig $34.99

50's Housewife Auburn Wig $14.99

Retro Halloween Costumes

Horror blood dripping
Scary Spider Crawling

Creepy Glowing Spider in Web!
Princess Costume for a Little Girl - Blue Witch Costume for a Little Girl Adorable Pumpkin Costume for Baby Hershey Kiss Costume For Baby Bumble Bee Costume For a Toddler
I can never resist the cute little baby and toddler costumes!
Purple Flower
Cat-o-Lantern Table Centerpiece for Halloween

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