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The Retro Housewife is doing a series of articles and musings on dieting throughout the world called dieting internationally... We thought we would see if women in different countries go through the same crazy fad diets, starvation diets and would-kill-a-moose exercise regimens to achieve "the perfect body".

A Moose not doing Tummy Crunches!
This moose does NOT have a gym membership, and has never done even ONE tummy crunch!

New York Yankees Moose Skowron Autographed 8 x 10 Photograph
This Moose probably does plenty of Tummy Crunches, though I doubt he calls them that...


And Other Stupid Questions

Variations on the Theme:

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  • Honey, Do you think I'm fat?
  • Do these Jeans make my butt look big?

If you are fat:

Women today can often be heard declaiming “beauty” and “fashion” magazines as purveyors of a look which is impossible to achieve. Every model appears fresh, not a wiggle of fat nor a pimple in sight. Finding a pore on one of these girls is like looking for the lost arc of the covenant. Theoretically one must exist, but you aren’t going to see it in this lifetime. It seems American Women have, on the whole, survived the barrage of 6’ stick women who weigh 120 lbs, and that we are actually lending our ears and eyes to manuscripts that tell us how to be healthy, above all else. A few decades ago, it was certainly “looking Thin and Fabulous” that was at the top of every woman’s wish list.

But the After-school specials, the Lifetime movies and the Public Service Announcements seem to be doing their job. Women are beginning to notice how we are represented on television and in magazines. Most doctors such as Angelo Cuzalina will tell you that looking like they do in magazines is not always the most important. Trying to live a well balanced healthy lifestyle is the most important. We acknowledge that Pamela Anderson did not pop out of the womb looking like that,

(oh, but if she had…

Dr.: "Here comes one, …and wow here comes another ….you’ve got two!" Mother: "Twins?"
Dr: "Well, they certainly look alike, but no, you’ve given birth to a hit season of Baywatch."


Good thing we went ahead with that episiotomy. Anyhow, we know now that it takes a team of highly trained specialists, 4-10 lbs of silicone, which may be distributed over a wide area of the anatomy, and last but not least, the innocent sounding air brush to make a hit season of Baywatch.

What could be so innocuous as brushing air? It sounds like something the angels might do on high…. But in reality airbrushing is what took off 25% of each of Kate Winslet’s thighs when she poses in some leggy lingerie for a magazine. And it turns out that Ms. Winslet was quite upset when she saw the finished product, because basically the magazine editors were telling her she wasn’t thin enough to be on their cover. And It seems Ms. Winslet would have liked the world to see her thighs as they are, and maybe even like them. Air-brushing can do anything from erase a pimple to redefine your basic body shape. Most of the women we are looking at every day aren’t really women, but a conglomeration of special effects and expert lighting. Related Article:  Small Obsession

Sensible Dieting seems to have taken hold around internationally, as evidenced by the success of Weight Watchers in Canada and Weight Watchers in the UK.Weight Watchers Canada Offer for free Canadian Cooking Recipe Book.

Our endeavors to track down the weight loss rituals of women in other cultures had two notable side effects:

1. We learned a lot about what people eat in other countries, and

2. We got really hungry!

Don't those pancakes look yummy? (Fooled you, there are no pancakes, they could only stay for February...but I have to say I have become intrigued by Canadian Cuisine!)

First it was just a friendly Weight Watchers Offer for a free recipe book of Canadian cooking, but then I found this ad, promising Canadians that they can still eat "Beaver Tails" when they join Weight Watchers...

Seems to me if I were living on a diet of Beaver Tails, I would be pretty thin in the first place...those rascals are hard to catch!

I think I will use my new forum to see if anybody stopping by has some more to say about Canadian Cooking!