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Car Care Tips

Tip 1: Though beautiful to see, autumnís leaves can present a driving hazard when wet or in piles. Not only do they obscure hazards like curbs and potholes, wet leaves can cause a loss of traction. Even dry leaves can catch fire when touched by a hot muffler. A little extra care is all you need to motor safely through this most unique season.

Tip 2: With summer behind us, itís time to get your car in gear for the foul weather ahead. Since no other safety system on your vehicle is as important as your brakes, this is the perfect time to have them checked by a reputable mechanic.


Occasionally I  get a good idea or discover something helpful, useful or a particularly  good deal that just must be posted here at Retro Housewife for all to benefit from. For example, I am particularly tickled with my Tide in the rug cleaner discovery. So, I am creating this section to be a permanent home to wonderful information that will make our lives easier or at least save us some money.

So far, I have come up with the following categories:

  1. Cleaning things, dirt-be-gone, scruba dub dub,
  2. Cooking things & Meals, Yum Yum or Tums Tums?
  3. Gardening, the ultimate stress reliever!
  4. Home Remedies - Age old remedies and treatments from Dr. Mom.
  5. Knitting, Sewing and other dangerous activities.
  6. Raising Rug Rats, aka "Children" or "Offspring" or "Tax deductions"
  7. Shopping, a necessary evil in my book, but I hear some gals enjoy it.
  8. Hubby How To, relationships etc.
  9. Personal Growth & Self Care, very important for Retros.
  10. Pets Family, Survival of.
  11. Money & Investing, what to do if hubby doesn't have time or isn't so gifted in this area.
  12. Economizing & Conservation - Thrift at home pads the savings and saves the planet!
  13. The Retro Housewife Day - Time Management and Scheduling Your Day.
  14. Disaster Preparedness - Two six-packs!



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Losing Keys

Do you ever lose your car keys? If you answered yes, go out and buy yourself one of those white boards Tweety Bird Key Chain with a little shelf and place to hang your keys thingys. Have your husband install it. Always put your keys there. It works...really!

Losing the Car

If you just laughed, stop reading. I don't mean the car fell behind the sofa and now you have to change the channel by hand (See "Losing the Remote Control"), I mean you went to the mall and now you are standing outside Macy's with a blank look on your face...

What to do? Sell the car and buy one with a clicker...then all you have to do is point the clicker in various directions and lock the door until your car honks back!

You can pretend your car clicker is a secret weapon from the future if you like! (Hint, don't do this when dressed up as any character from Star Wars)