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Books About Housewives

Book Cover - The American HousewifeThe author, a busy stay-at-home mother, has a quiet moment to reflect on her life. Is it like other housewives' lives? She goes on a mission to find out how other housewives across America manage their households and families. In this book, witness the discovery of what goes on in the life of a housewife in 21st-century America., by Lisa A D' Angelo.

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Book Cover - The Writings and Rantings of a Would be HousewifeThe Writings and Rantings of a Would-Be Suburban Housewife Living in the City, by Lisa A D' Angelo.

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Magazines For Housewives

  1. First for Women  - I used to read First for Women onFirst for Women Magazine Cover occasion when I lived in Germany...It taught me the basics of cooking German Food! This is the American Version!