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Sign at YS Falls in Jamaica with Park Rules.
I thought this sign at YS Falls was amusing - If you look at the last rule on the list it says: "No ganja smoking" - So be sure and leave your ganja at home if you visit these falls!

Tree-Top Tour at YS Falls
Directly below is a picture of a member of my tour embarking on the Tree-Top Tour at YS Falls.

"Tour" is a funny term for it since you are zipping down through the jungle at a pretty good clip - and the last thing on your mind is taking in the sights! Worth it!


Jamaica Vacation

One of the restaurants at Sandals Negril - This is one of the nicest beaches in Jamaica - I was told - and has great scuba diving and snorkeling. In fact Sandals Negril which is located on the best stretch of Negril's 7-mile beach, is where one goes in the Sandals world if one is an avid diver!

A Natural Spring Fed Pool at YS Falls in Jamaica.
This is a picture of a natural swimming pool at the YS Falls park - It is absolutely gorgeous! If you stay at the Sandals Whitehouse which is located nearby, a trip to YS Falls is offered - be sure and take it! The park is teeming with wildlife and natural beauty. Take the tree-top tour once you are there! You can also go tubing down the river - which is very refreshing given the tropical climate of Jamaica!

1962 - Jamaica Hoists Its Own Flag As New NationHere's a bit of Jamaican history for you! Jamaica became independent in 1962 - Prior to this, Jamaica was a "British Possession" and had been for the last 306 years. On August 6th, 1962 Jamaica took down the Union Jack and hoisted up its current black, yellow and green flag. Lyndon Johnson, the US President at the time, came to the party, as did Princess Margaret (talk about awkward situations).

President Johnson brought a gift of a $75,000 US government scholarship for Jamaican Students. Not sure whether Princess Margaret brought anything - she probably did - she's a Princess after all and they're pretty big on manners and protocol.

The frail and decrepit Miss Baker
Felt she was on her way to her Maker
Then she inhaled a whiff
Of a Strong ganja spliff
And took the next plane to Jamaica

Large White Bird Sitting on Fence Near YS Falls in Jamaica.
This fellow was actually part of a large flock, but the photo was to big to show them all, so I chopped him out. This is a cattle egret1 and they are all over and are really pretty!

Below: The Jamaican National Bird the 'Doctor Bird' or Swallowtail Humming Bird. This humming bird is found only in Jamaica and is really quite fancy! I was lucky enough to get a photo of him while he was having a snack at the feeder!

On the Tree Top Tour at YS Falls in Jamaica Our very capable guides - important since they send you catapulting through the jungle hanging off a wire...
Picture of Our Guides On the Tree-Top Tour     
Purple Flower The Jamaican National Bird the 'Doctor Bird' or Swallowtail Humming Bird.

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1 Thank you to Angus Wilson for identifying it for me. Come to think about it, I should have known that because I did see them perched atop a cow or two!