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Review of Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile CleanerKaboom Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

Charlotte Wrote:
Love it! I've got to say that it took me a while to get around to trying Kaboom out, but my husband gave it rave reviews immediately! He loved the fact that "It doesn't smell bad, and it cleans really well." Okay...just the fact that Kaboom got my husband to clean the bathroom made it a "must have" in my world! I used it in the kitchen as well, and it worked really well on kitchen counters and cabinets. September 24, 2006


Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner, RATING: VERY GOOD

About Church & Dwight Co., Inc. For over 150 years, we've been delighting customers worldwide with quality products that are healthy to use and that take the drudgery out of cleaning. You've seen ARM & HAMMER®, OxiClean®, Kaboom®, Orange Glo®, and other Church & Dwight products on TV, find them on

I received some samples of "Kaboom" in the mail, and decided to perform some very scientific tests to see if Kaboom is all that it is cracked up to be.

First, I dug the electron microscope out of the closet, as well as the inverted high-speed centrifuge,....Ha Ha... Just Kidding. I really just went and cleaned the bathroom, with the help of my not quite so enthusiastic daughter. Read about our Kaboom adventure below!


I used Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner to clean our bathrooms (on the appropriate surfaces) and my daughter and I also did a side by side test with "Scrubbing Bubbles" bathroom cleaner in the kid's bathroom sink area.

Kaboom cleans with a bang!

Side by Side Test: We each took up our weapons and sprayed one sink with Kaboom and the other with Scrubbing Bubbles and let both sit for the prescribed time of 1-3 minutes. Then we wiped off the cleaning agents with cotton rags, rinsing the rags periodically in fresh water so we could rinse away as much of the cleaning agent as possible (I don't like to leave everything covered in chemicals, especially with toothbrushes etc. flying around.) Finally, we dried off the surfaces with a clean cloth rag.


Both Kaboom and Scrubbing Bubbles cleaned the tile surface well, but there was a noticeable difference in the harder to clean areas such as the grout seams, the sink drain and the hard to reach areas around the faucets and knobs. On these areas, the Kaboom was much better and cleaned the grout without any extra scrubbing. (Normally I have to get out the old tooth brush to get it clean.)

Kaboom also made significant progress on a rust stain that has been particularly tricky. We had to scrub to get it to come off completely though, however, it had been there for several months and nothing else even came close. Kaboom also removed our mystery stain that, as best we can tell was either red lipstick or red ink pen that had leaked into the grout. We had considered it permanent, but I am happy to report it is now 90% gone.

The Best Part: - My absolute favorite discovery was that Kaboom got the glass shower stall in the master bath clean in a jiffy. This has been a problem for me because they are a real pain in the arse to clean (so I often skip them), and what with all the showering we do the soap scum build up ruined the whole look of my otherwise nice sparkly bathroom. This is where Kaboom shined! (Pun intended). All that was required was a spray, wait and wipe. Spiffy!


Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner in Spray Bottle.

Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner

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Readers Say:

Re: Kaboom. I LOVE the stuff!! You really should use a "scrubby sponge" to rub with and not a rag. The sponge does a MUCH better job.

I DO NOT like the bottle that the Kaboom comes it. You can NEVER use it all up because the straw does not go all the way to the bottom, and the cap does not come off without pliers so adding one partially used bottle to another is difficult, too. I am not strong enough to do this so must rely on my husband.

Thanks for the review.
Chris in CNY

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