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Kaboom NeverScrub RefillKaboom NeverScrub Refill
Refill for the Kaboom NeverScrub system. Provides 3-5 months of continuous toilet cleaning, even under the rim.
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Kaboom Never Scrub Toilet Cleaning System, RATING: EXCELLENT

About Church & Dwight Co., Inc. For over 150 years, we've been delighting customers worldwide with quality products that are healthy to use and that take the drudgery out of cleaning. You've seen ARM & HAMMER®, OxiClean®, Kaboom®, Orange Glo®, and other Church & Dwight products on TV, find them on

Pumice Stone? Holy Cow, my condolences on that one! RH


The Kaboom Never Scrub Toilet Cleaning System was installed in one of this tester's toilets. She waited a month and then had the following to say:


I really love this because basically, I hate to clean. And I REALLY hate to clean the toilets! I remember my mother making me scrub the toilet with a pumice stone to get the stains out...DISGUSTING!!! Okay, never again, well, almost never. The problem is, I have two toilets and I used the system in only one of the toilets.

The good news is that I can tell you without a doubt that the one with the system has been great with NO cleaning at all for at least a month (that's when I installed it), while the other toilet is...well, let's just say that if I don't do something soon, I'll have to dig up the pumice stone! Oh, it's also incredibly easy to install, so don't let that scare you away.

Update: September 11, 2007 - I have to second the motion for the Kaboom NeverScrub. I installed it in the kids' bathroom as a survival measure and it has really worked wonders with the smell that used to emanate from the bathroom (my son has friends over all the time and bless their little male hearts, it does get stinky!) I installed the thing myself...I wouldn't say it was a piece of cake, but it is not that difficult.


Kaboom Never Scrub Toilet Cleaning Kit

The new Kaboom NeverScrub! attaches easily, and out of sight, within your toilet tank and provides powerful stain cleaning continuously for 3 - 5 months.

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