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Time Magazine Cover January 17, 1944 - WACs Colonel Hobby
January 17, 1944

In the 40's, Women on the cover of Time Magazine were rare, numbering 2 a year at the most and then they were usually Hollywood Stars or from the Theater. This cover pictures Colonel Oveta Gulp Hobby, head woman of the WACs (Women's Army Corp). In 1944 Colonel Hobby was the only woman to appear on the cover of an Issue of Time.  An Excerpt from the cover story from this issue of Time read as follows:

"In England this week, the U.S. Women's Army Corps had the pleasantly apprehensive experience of being inspected by the Corps' Commanding Officer. Trim Colonel Oveta Gulp Hobby, head woman of the WACs, found everything in order. She saw erect, well-dressed girls drawn up for parade. In the clammy English dawn, she saw WACs in maroon bathrobes (with boy friends' unit insignia sewn on their sleeves) dashing from tin barracks and scuttling across the mud—heading for the "ablution hut" to start the day with a shivery washup. There was not much glamor in it,..." 
Courtesy of Time Magazine

Things Invented In the '40s

Manners & Morals


This just in...

New York
- (AP) - Intoxication causes one fifth of the 1,800 fatal falls annually in the United States, statisticians of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company reported today. "This may come as a distinct shock to those who hold the view that intoxicated persons are able to protect themselves from falls," they commented. 1940
Norman, Okla., Aug. 2 (AP) — A state court today denied admission to the University of Oklahoma to three negro women. Negro leaders announced they would carry the fight against Oklahoma's racial segregation laws again to the U.S. Supreme Court. 1948

It seems that one SS man was killed on a street in Brunswick. His killer was not immediately apprehended but Klagges promptly executed a plan for punishment which did not require the presence of the guilty party. He merely arrested all the men living on that particular street and picked ten of them at random. These ten he had tortured to death in public. That is Dietrich Klagges -self-styled good German, Hitler hater and violent anti-Nazi -who still would be the local administrator for the Allied Military Government if he had only kept his big mouth shut. The Bradford Era, Bradford, Pennsylvania May 24, 1945 - Page Eight I included this excerpt as an example of what people can be capable of - it would be a mistake to pass this guy off as just a Nazi doing what Nazis did best - It wasn't ideology that motivated this monster - as soon as it was in his interest NOT to be a Nazi, he became a very vocal Anti-Nazi - so much so that for a time, the US Government put him in charge of the German town of Brunswick after the war. The men he tortured to death were ordinary Germans during the war. This is how tyrants keep control - they terrorize the people into submission. This is not unique to the Right, there are just as many lovely examples of this sort of thing done by the Left under the cloak of Leftist ideology. Stalin was just as bad as Hitler. This is why our Constitution is so important - it is designed to prevent these monsters from ever getting too much power.


Twenty million pounds of sugar are used annually in the manufacture of the 180,000,000,000 cigarets produced in the United States. 1942


During World War II, the German battleship Bismarck was sunk in 1941 with 2,300 men aboard.

As of December 1943, there were 10 million men in the armed forces of the United States of America.

1,700,000 men were serving overseas by the end of 1942.

By the end of 1943, this figure had more than doubled to 3,800,000 men serving in the armed forces overseas.

By the following July (1944), the number of US troops serving overseas would be increased to 5 million.



There was some big news in the 1940s:

President Is Dead - Cerebral Hemorrhage Fatal - Truman Succeeds Roosevelt
WARM SPRINGS, Ga., April 12 (AP)—President Franklin D. Roosevelt died unexpectedly today of a cerebral hemorrhage, at 3:35 p. m. (Central War time) at his summer cottage here.  (1945)


Allies' Peace Reply; Accepts Surrender; With 4- Power Rule

U. S. Specifies American in Command at Tokyo, People to Pick Government; Foes' Answer Awaited Saturday, August 11, 1945 - Moberly Monitor-Index, Moberly, Missouri

May 8th, 1945 - V-E Day is declared!

Polish Forces in Warsaw Surrender to Germans 1944

What were the 1940's like? It was a decade that was largely defined by World War II and the end of the Depression era. Life back there was very much different than today, even given the various wars we find ourselves in today. The general population is for the most part unaffected by war today, which was not the case as some of the personal recollections from housewives who experienced the 1940's first hand.


What were people like?

On Bravery:

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
Franklin D. Roosevelt in his inaugural address.

On Beauty:

"No matter how plain a woman may be if truth & loyalty are stamped upon her face all will be attracted to her"
- Eleanor Roosevelt, distant cousin and wife of FDR.

Rosie the Riveter - We Can Do It
Rosie the Riveter:  As Men were called up to service, women were called upon to keep the factories pumping out supplies for the war and the folks at home.Leadership Quote from October 31, 1940 Soda Springs Sun Idaho



On Leadership: "One good head is better than a thousand strong hands."
Soda Springs Sun, Soda Springs, Idaho October 31, 1940.

On the Prospect of War:



Never in our history has there been such open propaganda for offensive action that would make unavoidable our prompt involvement in war on the other side of the world - war indeed over a range at least as wide as the vast stretch from the Straits of Malacca to the Straits of Dover. It might be wider. If we enter this war on the side of England, whatever we call ourselves we shall be her ally. We must fight wherever defeat threatens, or victory beckons.

It now seems quite probable that the direction of the war has turned from westward to southeastward. New Theaters threaten in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, perhaps Persia, the Persian gulf and even unto India.

That is the British domain on which "the sun never sets." Propagandists now openly say that to preserve democracy on earth we must preserve the British empire. Perhaps the millions of conquered and exploited Black people in Africa and brown people in Asia and Malaysia are their idea of democracy: but to try to push this great, powerful and peaceful nation into wars to protect such foreign possessions is hysteria that has broken all bonds of reason.

These war-minded men advance measures which could take us into such remote and sterile fields as "defense of America." They say that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are no longer barriers of defense, but avenues of attack. Since Hitler can't cross twenty-odd miles of the British channel to get at Britain with a land army, it is a safe bet that he doesn't turn up his nose at the Atlantic ocean, even if these potential architects of their country's disaster do so every day in their war dancing madness.

If we push our belated defense preparations on land and seas as rapidly as possible, the chance of our involvement in bloody war, no matter what may come, is too remote to consider.

The catastrophe of our involvement in war would not be merely the bloody loss and danger to life and limb. It would permanently adjourn our free economic system of private ownership and liberty of enterprise by so burdening it with additional debt and taxes that the government would control all private property and absorb all private income in the United States. (Thursday, October 31, 1940 Soda Springs Sun, Soda Springs, Idaho) View Original Article at


REMEMBER THE 1940's? Tell us about the '40s!

When the country was attacked at Pearl Harbor, somebody had to stand up and take the blame. Yes Sir! Heads would roll! 1942 Headline - Courtmartial Of Ex Pearl Harbor Chiefs Is Asked.

Courtmartial Of Ex Pearl Harbor Chiefs Is Asked. Congressmen Demand Expulsion Of All 'Incompetents' For Debacle At Hawaii Naval Base.

There's Good Money in Pulpwood

1945 - There's Good Money in PulpwoodOur Armed Forces Need Peeled Pulpwood NOW!



1944 Women! Help The War Effort Working in Your Own Community at OHMITE Manufacturing Co.

Truemmerfrauen in Germany After The War.
German women had much work to do after the war... They got to clean up the mess.

The US Presidents

Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd President
Franklin D. Roosevelt

1933 - 1945
Party: Donkey Dem
Wife: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Why we like Him:

* Courage through adversity, considered his wife Eleanor a trusted Advisor.
FDR Fireside Chat, December 24th, 1943
Harry S. Truman
33rd President
Harry S. Truman

1945 - 1953
Party: GOP
Wife: Bess
Why we like him:

* President Harry Truman often ended his campaign talk by introducing his wife as "the Boss" and his daughter, Margaret, as "the Boss's Boss,"

1940s Time Line

  • 1940: Churchill becomes prime minister
  • 1941:  Germany, Italy declare war on U.S.
  • 1941: Author James Joyce dies
  • 1941: Washington dam generates power
  • 1941: Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Act
  • 1941: Churchill arrives at the White House
  • 1941: Pearl Harbor attacked From the NBC Newsroom in New York
  • 1941: Radio stations change frequencies
  • 1941: Bismarck sinks
  • 1942: Japanese-Americans ordered to evacuate
  • 1942: Gas rationing goes into effect
  • 1943: Extraterritorial rights abolished in China
  • 1943: Escape attempt made at Alcatraz
  • 1943: U.S. rations meat
  • 1943: Plan Monument to Honor Famous Negro Scientist
  • 1943: Italy declares war on Germany
  • 1944: Rome falls to Allies
  • 1944: Roosevelt to run for fourth term
  • 1944: Bretton Woods Agreements were codified.
  • 1945: B-29's firebomb Tokyo
  • 1945: - General Patton is injured in crash
  • 1945: Infantrymen find Hitler's treasure
  • 1945: Egyptian premier is assassinated
  • 1945: V-E Day is declared
  • 1945: Dachau concentration camp is liberated
  • 1945: Soviets announce fall of Berlin
  • 1945: Humphrey Bogart marries Lauren Bacall
  • 1945: Italy declares war on Japan
  • 1946: - 100 dead in hotel fire
  • 1946: - Nazi doctors go on trial for human experimentation
  • 1947: Flying disc has landed, papers report
  • 1948: Israel is proclaimed
  • 1949: Soviets lift blockade in Berlin
  • 1949: Grady the Cow gets stuck in silo
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People News

  • Mrs. Emma Keilman, 1113 Sibley street, who is undergoing treatment at McCleary's sanitarium In Exceinlor Springs, Mo., Is getting along well now.
  • Bill Hall of the Southmoor apartment hotel has returned from a Christmas visit with his sister and her family.

Thursday, January 3, 1946 - Our Returning Boys Want To Call Home

GIRLS, the war isn't over as far as telephone calls are concerned. There are more calls to handle than ever. Will you help handle the thousands of calls our returning service men are making as they arrive in Southern California on the way home? There is nothing these boys want more than to telephone home, and we need mote girls to handle their calls. Pay while learning. Permanent jobs. Good starting rates with frequent increases. There is probably a telephone office near your home where you could work. Just ask the Operator for the Chief Operator, who will give you the address of an employment office most convenient for you. Thursday, January 3, 1946 - The Valley News, Van Nuys, California



The world's second atomic bomb, which Thursday was dropped on Nagasaki, was so explosive that it immediately, relegated to the obsolete the first bomb, dropped two days earlier on Hiroshima, Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Farrell, head of the atomic bomb project in the Pacific, said today.

Atomic Bomb No. 2 not only was far more potent, but was easier to make, Farrell said. He watched both bombings and said the blast from the second was far greater. August, 1945

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    The landing at iwo jima. 
The Landing at Iwo Jima, Battle for Iwo Jima - U.S. Department of Defense Official Website.


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"Scientists were elated at the success of the atomic bombing. Dr. C. P. Baker of Ithaca, N.Y., formerly of the Cornell university staff, declared: "If this means the end of the war, it is a wonderful realization of the work we put in on the project.""
1 Microwave cooking resulted from radar research during World War II. In 1945 General Electric produced the first microwave oven for commercial fast food use.