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Time Magazine Cover May 26 1952 - I Love Lucy
May 26, 1952

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Things Invented In the '50s

  • Playboy Magazine
  • Kleenex
  • Geiger Counter
  • Life Savers Candy
  • The Cold War
  • Color TV
  • M&M's Peanut Candies
  • Aluminum Can
  • McDonald's

Cocktail Party Topics

  • 1951: Lonely Hearts killers are executed. "Mrs. Beck and Fernandez were electrocuted for bludgeoning and strangling Mrs. Janet Fay, 66, an Albany, N.Y., widow, on Jan. 4, 1949, at their apartment at Valley Stream, N.Y. Mrs. Fay had entrusted $5,900 of her life savings to them after she had met Fernandez through a Lonely Hearts club correspondence." - And you thought online dating was dangerous!
  • 1953: The first issue of Playboy magazine was issued in December featuring none other than Marilyn Monroe on the cover and as Centerfold.
  • 1955: Churchill resigns as prime minister. Quoted as saying: "I do not look like all newborn babies"1
  • 1955: Albert Einstein dies. "Celebrated physicist and Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein died today at the age of 76." (April 18th)
  • 1956: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier marry. "Trailing her ivory lace wedding train in the bright Mediterranean sun, the bride walked with measured strides into the white stone cathedral just before 11 a.m. as bugles blared."

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On June 27, 1950, in response to a call for aid from the United Nations Security Council , President Harry S. Truman ordered U.S. Air and Naval Forces to defend South Korea against invading North Korean forces, the start of the United States’ involvement in the Korean War.


Life in the 1950s

What were the 1950's like? Now that we are in a new century and millennium, 1950 sounds so very long ago. Well, put that pie in the oven, hang up your apron and get set to go back as we take a peek in our retro time machine and drop in on the likes of Lucy and Ethel, Alice and Trixie, and maybe even some real people too!

1952 San Mateo Times - 12 Million People in the US See A-Bomb Test.

Troops Holed In Near Blast Center Safe

Men Sent Into 'Hot' Area Soon After Explosion

Scientists unleashed their sixteenth atomic explosion in the United States today over 1500 troops who reported "All safe" from their foxholes 20 minutes after its blast showered them with dust and pebbles. Phew! Well it's good to know that they're safe! I was worried there for a minute! It was the twenty-seventh time the United States had touched off its cataclysmic nuclear might. And this time American doughboys were closer to the "ground zero" target point beneath the airdropped bomb than ever before in history. Some of them were in four and a half- to five-foot deep holes within three mile* of the ground bull's-eye.  San Mateo Times, April 22, 1952

I bet they all watched "Duck and Cover" before! Are you ready for the Atomic bomb? Not sure? Well then, watch the following informative video and get ready!

Duck and Cover (1951)

Just What Were We So Worried About?

Seems silly, doesn't it? Terrible bombs to keep the boogie man out? Paranoia about communists and socialists - what, were they hiding behind every bush? Just what's so bad about communists, anyway?

In the video above, you see the events of 6 days or so around April 17th, 1953 in Berlin, Germany. 25,000 Soviet troops moved into East Berlin and Berlin became a city divided - although there was no wall yet, people were prevented from returning home by the soldiers. Fate would have played a big role that day - if you had gone shopping and had unwittingly crossed the new border - it would be 36 years before you would be able to return. Nobody really saw that coming...

What were people like?

On Humility:
" Boys, if you ever pray, pray for me now. I don't know if
you fellows ever had a load of hay fall on you, but when
they told me yesterday what had happened, I felt like the
moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me."

- Harry S. Truman to reporters on the day after being sworn in as the 33rd President of the United States of America.

On Grace and Courage:
Elizabeth Eckford on her way to school in Little Rock, Arkansas September 4, 1957.

Elizabeth Eckford on her way to school in Little Rock, Arkansas September 4, 1957. How many of us would have just stayed home that day? Sometimes things just are really Black and White.

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In The News:

Headline - Court rules that Negroes Must Be Served in D.C.This is our capital, mind you, Washington D.C.

"The court ruled 8-0 that an 80-year-old District of Columbia law forbidding racial discrimination by cafes, bars and ice cream parlors is valid and still in effect. The decision was in a case arising from refusal of a restaurant operated by the Thompson chain to serve a number of Negroes in 1950," wrote The Frederick Post on June 9, 1953.

White Pupils Stage WalkoutThey weren't protesting school lunches.

Negroes Win Some Rights From South ATLANTA (UP)— While Congress debates civil-rights legislation, Southern Negroes gradually are winning some equal rights, a United Press survey disclosed. Their progress to date has been almost entirely aside from segregation barriers, which have not been and probably will not be relaxed within the foreseeable future. Most responsible Negro leaders currently are minimizing demands along that line while pressing for equal opportunities at the polls and in the schools. The survey shows the position of the Southern Negro has greatly improved during the past several years. Most Southern states are appropriating extra millions of dollars to provide more school facilities for Negroes. Hundreds of thousands of Negroes are voting for the first time.

Negro Police

1958 Independent Star-News - Many Negroes Ride Despite Bus BoycottMore than 75 Southern towns and cities have Negro policemen. North Carolina has appointed a Negro to the state board of education. A number of Catholic churches, and a scattered few Protestant churches have removed segregation barriers.

A long series of Federal court victories provided the impetus for most of the Negro's social progress. The courts virtually outlawed the traditional Southern white primary and recently have ruled that states must provide equal educational opportunities for the two races. The Southern Regional Council, which keeps accurate records on racial activities, reports that more than 600,000 Southern Negroes now are "qualified" to vote, compared to 211,000 10 years ago. The council said many of the "qualified" voters still are not getting to the polls because of remaining registration procedures in some states.

George Mitchell, council director, said Negroes now are permitted to join organizations for lawyers, nurses, librarians and social workers in half the Southern states. On the other hand. Negro teachers are restricted except In one state, doctors from all but one, and Negro dentists are barred from professional societies throughout the area. September 22, 1950, European Stars And Stripes

The US Presidents

Harry S. Truman
33rd President
Harry S. Truman
1945 - 1953
Party: Donkey Dem
Wife: Bess
Why we like Him:

* Wrote his wife Bess Love Letters

Fun Link: What was Harry Doing?

Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th President
Dwight D. Eisenhower
1953 - 1961
Party: GOP
Wife: Mamie
Why we like him:

* His campaign slogan was "I Like Ike"

1950s Time Line

  • 1950: Atomic spy courier gets 30 years

  • June 25, 1950: North Korea invades South Korea, thus starting the Korean War.

  • 1950: Storm of the Century

  • 1950: United States enters Korean War

  • 1951: DiMaggio retires from baseball

  • 1951: Rosenberg trial begins

  • 1952: First commercial jet flights begin

  • 1952: TV viewers watch atomic bomb test

  • 1953: Actress Lucille Ball gives birth

  • 1953: First televised Academy Awards

  • 1953: Joseph Stalin dies

  • 1953: Tornado devastates Waco, Texas

  • 1953: Elizabeth II is crowned queen

  • 1954: CBS broadcasts Murrow's criticism of Sen. McCarthy

  • 1954: First successful transplant performed

  • 1954: Polio vaccine tests begin

  • 1954: U.S. outlaws segregation in schools

  • 1954: Boeing 707 makes maiden flight

  • 1955: West Germany joins NATO

  • 1955: Williams and Faulkner win Pulitzers

  • 1955: "In God We Trust" to appear on U.S. currency

  • 1956: King convicted for bus boycott

  • 1957: Fire in elderly home kills 72

  • 1957: Union leader Jimmy Hoffa is arrested

  • 1957: Large ships use Suez Canal again

  • 1957: Britain tests first hydrogen bomb

  • 1958: Water flows into Lake St. Lawrence

  • 1959: U.S. ends ban on nuclear weapons tests

  • 1959: Barbie doll debuts

  • 1959: Statehood approved for Hawaii

  • 1959: Frank Lloyd Wright dies

  • 1959: Mercury Seven introduced

Links To Make You Think!

  1. Sovereignty Commission Online

1957 - An United Airlines Stewardess
A Stewardess was still called a Stewardess in 1957...

July 27th, 1953 Korea Truce     


1 Kidding