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November 22, 1963

Things Invented In the '60s

  • The Hand-held Calculator
  • The ATM
  • The Compact Disk (CD)
  • The Mouse
  • The Internet
  • Lycra® by Du Pont - 1962
  • The Big Mac - 1968


1968 Editorial - Ethics of Transplants - Spare parts for humans.

Stem cells aren't the only medical issue that has been controversial over the years.

More than 72,288,000 persons visited the 29 national parks and 162 other areas administered by the US National Park Service in 1960.

1,250 - 1,500 -  The estimated number of doses of LSD consumed in the San Francisco Bay Area each week in 1967.

"My brains are leaking out again." Quote from one of said LSD consumers.


Our crowded world: The population of Red China is increasing by more than a million mouths a month. 1960

By HAL BOYLE (1960)
One of every three paid employees today is a woman...The other two are men who spend their spare time explaining to a woman why they don't make more money.
Government prosperity note: When Thomas Jefferson became the first U.S. secretary of state the department consisted of three people...Now it has more than 35,000 employees.

Reds Fire A-Blast In the Atmosphere
Swedes Estimate Power of Explosion at 40 Megatons

UPPSALA, Sweden. Aug. 5 (AP) - The Soviet Union exploded a big nuclear bomb high in the atmosphere today. ... Yeah, you're right... we were kind of dumb back then.
The Bridgeport Telegram, Bridgeport, Connecticut - August 6, 1962

Ted Kennedy Escapes Death In Car Crash; Girl Drowns
EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., escaped injury but a former secretary of his late brother, Robert, was killed when their car plunged into a tidal pond and sank about midnight Friday. The accident went unreported for several hours. The incident occurred on Chappaquiddick Island at Martha's Vineyard, about 17 miles across the bay from the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport on Cape Cod. July 18th, 1969

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At last! My decade! Oops just sort of gave my age away, but the sixties were an awfully good decade for me, since that's when I appeared on this here planet earth. Not that I remember much, it was the latter part of the decade that I came to be, but at least I can say I was there.

Super Power Humor: 

Kennedy: "We have enough missiles to blow you up thirty times over"

Khrushchev: "We only have enough to blow you up once, but that is all we need."

Ahh the good old days of "Mutually Assured Destruction". But wait! I knew nothing of this in the 1960s! I was busy learning to walk! Anyway, it didn't get really good until the 1980s, when Reagan upped the ante and spent gazillions on nuclear weapons and then modern special effects showed us with a bit more accuracy what was in store for us...(no duck and cover...)

Over 3,000 Get Polio Vaccine

Meanwhile, back in Iowa vaccination with the (new)  Sabin oral polio vaccine continues with public clinics. Some are receiving the vaccine for the first time!

November 22 1963, President John F. Kennedy is Assasinated.

Many people who were around back then have said they still know exactly what they were doing when they heard the news that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.

It was a very sad day in US history.

Picture source:

1967 Summer Of Love in San Francisco Haight Ashbury District.

1967 Summer Of Love in San Francisco Haight Ashbury District. This year (2007) is the 40th anniversary of the summer of love, and the city where it all happened, San Francisco, is celebrating! Stay tuned for more on this! In the meantime, read an article from 1967 which describes one reporter's impression of the Haight-Ashbury district in October, 1967. Or, you can check out the scene from the 30th anniversary celebration of the Summer Of Love.

The Summer of Love quickly turned into the Winter and Spring of "Oh $^##!!!!!"

But, apparently some/many still think back with fondness on the Summer of Love, since we are being invited to "Relive 1968 on DVD with Tom Brokaw" at THE HISTORY CHANNEL SHOP. If you know any hippies, I am sure they would enjoy that little flashback immensely.

Draft resisters uniting in attack against Vietnam war - March 1968
Rallies shaping up in 100 localities

Vietnam: An American History - Relive the gritty unfolding of the Vietnam War with this award-winning documentary.WASHINGTON - Resistance to military service in Viet Nam is shaping up as a national movement with plenty of muscle and growth potential. With draft calls rising - April's call-up of 48,000 was the largest in 18 months - the number of draft rebels is expected to rise, too. June 1968 Headline - Yank Toll Hits High Of 9,378

The new rule eliminating nearly all deferments of graduate students, to take effect in June, also could have the effect of pushing up the number of draft resisters. College students constitute the segment of the youth population most strongly opposed to U.S. policy on Vietnam.

One sign of the trend is the attitude of government. As the number of draft card burners increased, the government ceased to regard them as harmless eccentrics. It began to tighten the screws on both the draft resisters and their elders who encourage them to resist. ... The Oneonta Star, Wednesday, March 27, 1968

Diagram of Steps In Apollo Mission 1969

"Explorers Poised to Step on Moon"


An American Making 'One Giant Leap for Mankind'


Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong is shown making history as he climbs down the ladder from the lunar module



Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong is shown making history as he climbs down the ladder from the lunar module (left) and a few seconds later becoming the first human to set foot on the moon (right), with the words: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The photos were taken during a telecast back to earth of the epic achievement.

REMEMBER THE 60's? Share your 1960's memory!

Marilyn Monroe Dies After Pill Overdose - August 6th, 1962
August 6th, 1962

Police Regard Case As Apparent Suicide

Recent Photo Of Marilyn Monroe.HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 6 (UPI) - Actress Marilyn Monroe, blonde sex symbol of the modern generation, was found dead in her home at an early hour today after taking an overdose of sleeping pills - her nude body face down on her bed and her hand clutching a telephone.

Police listed the 36-year-old star, who had been depressed about her skidding movie career, as an apparent suicide, but said they were not certain. An autopsy was performed today with inconclusive result.

Officers said a bottle which contained 40 to 50 pills was found empty by Miss Monroe's bed when they arrived at her small, Mexican-styled home. No notes were discovered.

"The Late Marilyn Monroe"

SOMMERVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 30 A Negro tent city, two weeks old today, is acquiring a domestic, lived-in and perhaps even permanent look. And racial tension in Fayette County is mounting because of it.

One of the tent city sharecropper residents, who say they were evicted by white farmers because they registered to vote, was shot and slightly wounded Thursday. Investigation indicated the bullet was fired from a passing car. It hit Early Williams, 25, in the arm as he slept in his tent.

Tent city is located about three miles south of this west Tennessee town, seat of Fayette County. Nine Negro families live in the tents now, including about 60 children.

The Negroes say they can't find jobs. Their spokesmen predict tent city's population may rise to 300 families when sharecropper leases expire the first of the year.

White residents admit there are almost no jobs for Negro sharecroppers in Fayette County now. Last year there were hundreds.

The white farmers say rapid farm mechanization is responsible, along with smaller cotton allotments. And they add that plenty of jobs are available elsewhere. December 30, 1960 - Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune Chillicothe, Missouri

The US Presidents

35th President
John F. Kennedy
1961 - 1963*
Party: Donkey Dem
Wife: Jackie
Why we like Him: Jackie, Kept us from getting blown to bits as a result of Cuban Missile Crisis! (Thank you, Pres. Kennedy! Bad, Bad Khrushchev!1)
Assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 =(

36th President
Lyndon B. Johnson
 1963 - 1969
Party: Donkey Dem
Wife: Lady Bird Johnson
Why we like him: Proposed to Lady Bird only 7 weeks after meeting her, and only one date.


1960s Time Line


  • 1960: New York air disaster

  • 1960: FDA approves birth control pill

  • 1960: Summit in Paris collapses

  • 1960: Kennedy, Nixon debate 3,000 miles apart

  • 1960: World Series ends with home run

  • 1961: Space hero Yuri Gagarin is honored

  • 1961: Cuban exiles invade Bay of Pigs

  • 1961: Presidential vote granted to D.C. citizens

  • 1961: Kennedy wants to put man on moon

  • 1961: King Hussein marries

  • 1962: Avalanche kills thousands in Peru

  • 1962: Pilots search for chartered plane carrying 107 people

  • 1962: First atomic-powered merchant ship launches

  • 1962: Kennedy ‘Birthday Salute’

  • 1962: American astronaut survives re-entry

  • 1962: U.S. bans Cuban imports

  • 1963: King gives I have a dream speech

  • 1963: John F. Kennedy Assassinated on November 22.

  • 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald is shot

  • 1963: Kenya gains independence from Britain on December 12, 1963.

  • 1963: Hotel fire kills 22 following Gator Bowl

  • 1963: Fire ends holiday cruise

  • 1963: Churchill becomes honorary U.S. citizen

  • 1963: Kuwait is admitted to the United Nations

  • 1963: U.S. Post Office establishes zip codes

  • 1964: Constantine II takes Greek throne

  • 1964: NFL players Hornung and Karras are reinstated

  • 1964: Bystanders watch murder

  • 1964: Mortar shell fired at U.N. building

  • 1964: Cigarettes declared health hazard

  • 1964: Jerrie Mock completes pioneer flight

  • 1964: Plane crashes after passenger shoots pilots

  • 1964: Beatles arrive in U.S.

  • 1964: Protesters arrested for sit-in at Berkeley

  • 1965:  Gemini spacecrafts meet in space

  • 1965: Astronauts fly maneuverable spacecraft

  • 1965: Johnson proposes Voting Rights Act

  • 1965: Photos show surface of Mars

  • 1966: Princess Beatrix is married

  • 1966: Walt Disney dies

  • 1966: 16 Killed, 31 Shot On Campus

  • 1966: Fatal riots erupt again in Watts

  • 1966: Gemini 8 mission is cut short

  • 1966: Heads of Anglican and Roman Catholic churches meet

  • 1966: Surveyor lands on moon

  • 1966: Eight student nurses are murdered

  • 1967: Paul Whiteman, 'King of Jazz' dies in Pennsylvania

  • 1967: Peace Probable for Mid-East The Brandon Sun, November 22, 1967

  • 1967: Muhammad Ali stripped of title

  • 1967: European Community created

  • 1967: Newark race riots begin

  • 1967: Revolutionary Che Guevara executed

  • 1967: Vietnam protestors attack Pentagon

  • 1967: First human heart transplant

  • 1968: Robert F. Kennedy announces run for president

  • 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4.

  • 1968: Robert F. Kennedy "Bobby" is Assassinated June 5th.

  • 1968: NASA launches Apollo 7

  • 1968: Tet offensive halted in Hue

  • 1969: Ray pleads guilty to killing King

  • 1969: Beatle Paul McCartney marries

  • 1969: Deadly bomb attack in Italy

  • 1969: World mourns death of Ike

  • 1969: Robert Kennedy Assassin Found Guilty

  • 1969: Apollo 10 blasts off


1Mr. Khrushchev would most likely have disagreed with my  assessment of him.

He sure was a cutie...



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