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Big Bird on the cover of Time Magazine, November 11, 1970
Continuing in the spirit of social change, Time Magazine made history by placing the first 8 foot tall, talking yellow bird on the cover.
November 11, 1970

Juicy Gossip From The 1970s

FAMILY WEEKLY talked with Governor Brown in the the first interview he'd given to a weekly magazine "He's always kept his private life private, says his father, "but I can tell you he's brought home a lot of girls to meet us. Some of them I really liked-like Natalie Wood. He went with her for about a year after she divorced Bob Wagner And lately there was Candice Bergen . . .Was Jerry seeing a lot. of singer Linda Ronstadt? "I've dated Linda," he said, then grinned. "I've also dated other girls ..."

Things Invented In the '70s

  • Stagflation
  • Planned Obsolescence
  • Proposition 13
  • National Family Week
  • The Egg McMuffin - 1978
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • The Happy Meal
Lessons Not Learned

 1976 Bar Chart Showing Opec Oil Prices Between 1973 and 1977 (Estimated)

Perhaps we should have known that our heavy dependence on foreign oil would eventually get us into trouble. But, if we did, we sure didn't do much about it.

The Oil Crisis of the 1970s didn't spell trouble for everybody, however. Nimble companies with quick-witted businessmen reacted to the new market forces and quickly brought a new line of products to the American market.

Meet the new Honda Civic.

We Have The Answer to Gas Problems - A New Honda Civic.
1975: Have You Been Considering Buying A New Car? But, Afraid of the Gas Situation?

We Have The Answer to Gas Problems - A New Honda Civic.

***Oil Prices have been at about $10 to $11 a barrel since early 1974.***

"the very possibility of higher prices and the fact OPEC has the power still to dictate them is impetus enough for getting on with development of a sound domestic energy policy." Asst. Treasury Secretary Gerald Parsley, May 23, 1975 - Albuquerque Journal
Financial News

The stock market pushed ahead today in a broad advance fueled by further signs of a strengthening economy.

The 2 p.m. Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up 6.65 at 838.31, and gainers outpaced losers by more than a 5-2 margin on the New York Stock Exchange.

 Trading was light, however. At the opening, the government reported that factory orders rose in June for the third straight month and that inventories had been worked down further.

Brokers also reported interest in a proposal for tax breaks on dividends outlined by Treasury Secretary William E. Simon. Source: Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, Chillicothe, Missouri - July 31, 1975 - Newspaper Archive

Title: Economic Signs Show Pleasure, Paid - 11-04-1974 From The Abilene Reporter-News
NEW YORK (AP) - That rising jobless rate and the decline in prime interest rates are signals that the U.S. economy is undergoing a change that will bring both pleasure and pain over the next year. Shortages are being replaced by abundance in some supplies as consumer interest tapers off. Inventories of unsold goods are beginning to pile up in warehouses, and that means pressure for lower prices.  Corporations are curtailing borrowing plans, fearful that an economic downturn will leave them overextended. Individuals, too, are trying to cut their borrowing and pay off their loans. As the demand for money eases, interest rates are likely to continue falling, although many previously fearless forecasters are reluctant to say how low those rates might fall, having been burned too often in the past. With economic activity continuing to dry up, at least in comparison with the bloated economy of the past few years, the jobless rate is headed relentlessly, inevitably higher.
1974 Business Mirror - John Cunniff Here are some recent comments by economists of influential business and financial institutions regarding jobs, -interest rates and the rate of inflation: Consumer prices might increase by 8 to 9 per cent in 1975, the Bank of America states, compared with a rise for 1974 that it puts at 10.5 per cent. In its "Focus on the Economy - 1975" the bank didn't state a specific jobless figure but referred lo moderately high unemployment during a year of little real economic growth. The First National City Bank, second only to Bank of America among the nation's largest commercial banks, believes an easing of inflation will begin to show up in the Consumer Price Index by the first quarter of 1975. Citibank economists say they still look for a drop in the Inflation rate to 6 per cent in the early part of 1975. The Commerce Department put the inflation rate at 11.5 per cent in the three months that ended with September. Lionel D. Edie & Co., .the economic research and consulting arm of Merrill Lynch, the world's largest brokerage house, foresees a drop in the cost of borrowing money to as low as 9 per cent by December. The prime lending rate now is around 11 per cent, having fallen from a peak of 12 per cent in September. Albert H. Cox, chief economist, believes a 7 per cent rate might be reached by spring or summer. Most large financial institutions believe, however, that the Jobless rate will continue to rise through next spring, reaching or exceeding 7 per cent, and maybe even 7.5 per cent. It is now 6 per cent of the civilian labor force. Bank of America believes "moderately high unemployment is likely to be experienced," although it referred to no specific figure. In the past decade the jobless rate has ranged from under 4 per cent to slightly more than 6.
Source: The Abilene Reporter-News, November 4, 1974 Pg. 3A
Other 1970s News
Housing Project Harassment Charges Dismissed, Reduced
All charges against one of 10 Negro teenagers accused of harassing a Mexican-American family on Jan. 20 at the Matthew Henson Housing Project were dismissed yesterday in Juvenile Court. Source: The Arizona Republic, February 20, 1970 Pg. 45


Life in the 1970s

1979 - Cross Of Gold Political Cartoon - Inflation - This Nation's Poor.

National Health Insurance System Forecast In '70s
New York Times Service WASHINGTON - The American Hospital Association's new president, Mark Berke, forecast this week that the United States would have a national health insurance system in three to six years.

But Berke also said he believed that it might he the end of this decade before the nation's health care system could be molded into more efficient patterns that would provide better care for more people in a less expensive fashion than it does today.

Berke said the Hospital Association has been meeting with the American Medical Association, and such private health insurance groups as Blue Cross, to review national health insurance proposals. 

At least seven variations of national health insurance plans have already been proposed, and several more are expected to be set forth this year.

Such old adversaries as the A.M.A. and the United Auto Workers Union also have met to discuss differences in their own universal health insurance ideas.

The proposals would include most, if not all Americans, although their comprehensiveness and financing differ radically. During a news conference at the hospital association's annual convention here, Berke said that "it may take a 10-year plan" to overhaul the nation's health care system, which the White House has described as "nearing a crisis."

"We need to feed in changes a piece at a time," Berke said, adding that if attempts were made to reform the system overnight "there would be a tremendous inflation in medical care costs."

1976 El Paso Herald Post - Women's Page - Edited by Marjorie Walker1976


We the People On July 30th, 1975

The 1970s opened with a bang:May 1970 Headline: Tragedy Seals Off Kent U.

Fatal Shooting of Four to Be Investigated
Here is a link to the WDR Live Footage of the Shootings Warning! People are shot and killed - for real! - dead! - you see it - it isn't nice to watch! (Commentary is in German)

Kent State University, evacuated after four students were shot to death by National Guardsmen breaking up an antiwar demonstration, was virtually deserted and under heavy police and military guard today.

The Justice Department and officials of the National Guard launched separate investigations of the gunfire outburst Monday which took the lives of two girls and two young men.

National Guard officials said the civilian soldiers fired in defense of their lives when the student crowd closed in, throwing rocks and chunks of concrete.

The dead were: Miss Allison Krause, 19, Pittsburgh, Pa., Miss Sandy Lee Scheuer, 20, Youngstown, Ohio, Jeffrey G. Miller, 20, Plainview, N.Y., and William K. Schroeder, 19, Lorain, Ohio. Moberly Monitor-Index, May 5th, 1970

Scenes from the Vietnam War and Kent State Shooting

1975 Newspaper Headline: Nixon Nearly Was Indicted - Watergate Final Report
The impeachment of President Nixon was taken very seriously at the time. (Above headline is from October 1975) I remember my parents were glued to the TV when the nightly news came on. The country followed every step in the process. I was 8 or 9 at the time and for the life of me could not understand why everyone was so upset about a gate with water behind it. Grown-ups sure were weird...

Richard Nixon - "I am not a crook"

1776 - 200 Years

Happy 200th Birthday America! I was in the 5th grade during the Bicentennial celebration. As I remember, quite a big deal was made out of it, and I had (and still have) the feeling that I was part of something special. Mostly I remember making dioramas. We made a lot of those in the 5th grade.

Was life in the 1970s at all like the TV show "That 70s Show"? Not as far as I can remember...The character they did the best with IMHO is the sister. Not that she acts like a 70s chick, but at least she looks the part (Farrah). Don't get me wrong, I like the show, just that it has nothing really to do with the 70s.

Squeaky Pleads Not Guilty - 1975The Brady Bunch and the Partridge THERE's some serious 70s action!Patty Leaves Jail - San Mateo Times, September 19, 1975


Patty Greets Parents In Redwood City Jail

By RICK SULLIVAN Patricia Hearst and her SLA companions Emily and William Harris were whisked away from the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City by FBI agents at 8:05 this morning, bound for the Federal Building in San Francisco.  ... San Mateo Times San Mateo, California, Friday, September 19, 1975

"The commune Is the main support system of the Alternative Society. But communal living is not without peril" Burlington (N.C.) Times News - Wednesday, April 28, 1971
"I was a teenager in the 1970's having graduated from High School in 1978. I remember so much about that time period. Jeans and flannel shirts or for those who wanted a more sophisticated look pants suits and a scarf around the neck. Big earrings, "The Farah Faucet" look complete with the winged back hair and the "layered look" And the colors of our homes were the god awful harvest gold orange yellow and avocado green walls!"  Visitor Comment, September 21, 2007

Sugar Lobby Advertisement: Don't Let America Get Hooked On Foreign Sugar

This ad appeared in the Galveston Daily News in September, 1979. The ad takes up half of the page.


See the US sugar industry jumping on the Not-Another-OPEC bandwagon and trying to get price protections out of the US government. It's not like they weren't in the mood, though. We had a price cap here, protectionist policies there, as the politicians tried to meddle and fiddle with the economy.

It didn't really work out for them, though. By the late 1970s and on into the early 1980s, everything was a real mess. America needed a hero to come riding in on his horse and rescue her. Luckily, she got one. But that is a story for the 1980s.






The US Presidents

37th President
Richard M. Nixon
1969 - 1974
Party: Republican
Wife: Patricia Ryan
Why we like him: Could REALLY find foreign countries on a map, put country before self when caught with hand in cookie jar.

38th President
Gerald R. Ford
1974 - 1977
Wife: Elizabeth (Betty) Bloomer
Why we like him: Betty, Gave Chevy Chase some of his best material, and was a sport about it.

1970s Time Line

  • 1970: Stalin's daughter marries architect in Phoenix
  • 1970: Oxygen tank explodes on Apollo 13
  • 1970: Apollo 13 Crew Returns Safely
  • 1970: Tornado tears through Lubbock
  • 1970: War protesters rally near White House
  • 1971: Charles Manson is sentenced to death
  • 1971: Soviet Union launches Mars 2
  • 1971: London Bridge reopens in Arizona
  • 1971: Swiss women gain right to vote
  • 1972: Philippine president's wife is stabbed
  • 1972: Earthquake rocks Nicaragua
  • 1972: Rugby team rescued in Andes
  • 1972: U.S. airlines ordered to follow new security measures
  • 1972: Governor George Wallace is shot
  • 1972: J. Edgar Hoover dies
  • 1972: Michelangelo's Pieta is damaged
  • 1972: Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed
  • 1973: Watergate probe begins
  • 1973: Nixon declares "I am not a crook"
  • 1973: O. J. Simpson breaks NFL records
  • 1973: Skylab is sent into space
  • 1973: American Indian Movement surrenders
  • 1973: Pioneer 10 captures first images of Jupiter
  • 1974: Stolen helicopter lands at White House
  • 1974: Hank Aaron breaks home run record
  • 1974: Nixon impeachment hearings begin
  • 1974: Police raid SLA hideout
  • 1974: Hijacker fails at Nixon assassination
  • 1974 President Richard Nixon Resigns, Aug. 9, 1974
  • 1975: US Government Behind Death Plots
  • 1975: Saturday Night Live debuts
  • 1975: Bomb detonates at LaGuardia
  • 1975: First woman climbs Mt. Everest
  • 1975: Nixon aides sentenced for Watergate
  • 1976: Cable car crash kills 42
  • 1976: Princess Margaret and husband separate
  • 1976: USA turns 200 - Happy Birthday!
  • 1977: Star Wars is released
  • 1978: Jones Leads A Mass Murder-Suicide
  • 1978: High wire artist falls
  • 1978: Hubert Humphrey dies
  • 1978: Charlie Chaplin's stolen coffin is found
  • 1978: U.S. mints Susan B. Anthony dollar
  • 1979: China invades Vietnam
  • 1979: Three Mile Island incident
  • 1979: 250,000 people flee accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.
  • 1979: Carter shuns private papal visit
  • 1979: Flight 191 crashes during take-off
  • 1979: Eleven killed at concert in Ohio