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Places To Lunch

  1. Paris Orientation Tour + Lunch at the Eiffel Tower + Versailles.
  2. Midtown Lunch: Finding Lunch in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan
  3. Lunch On A Train Eurostar - Breakfast in London and Lunch in Paris.

LUNCH MENUS FROM THE 1940s AND 1950s AND 1960s AND 1970s, 1980s, 1990s - TODAY!!!

We Have 24 Lunch Menus Now!

Luncheon, commonly abbreviated to lunch, is a midday meal.

Do you have a favorite Lunch Menu or special way of Serving Lunch that you would like to share? If you send it, I will post it! Please give some background on its origin and why it is a favorite! Click Here to Send to Lunch at The Retro Housewife!

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