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06/16/2007 Sent by Lori of Peoria, AZ

Making the Living Worthwhile

When I lost my job as director of training and development for a software firm in 2004 I was devastated. No longer able to define myself by the title on my office door, I was embarrassed to say "I'm a housewife". I felt insignificant and lost without a business card to hand out and the corner office to go with it.

While traveling with my husband to Madrid (he's a commercial airline pilot, who by the way loves that I no longer work outside our home) I met a flight attendant who took me by the shoulders and said: "honey, forget that old title, from now on you just hold your head up high and look folks in the eye and tell 'em "He makes the living ... I make the living worthwhile". I've used that exact line every single time I've met someone who asks: "so what do you do?" and 99% of the time it's met with a huge smile and positive response.

It took me nearly 2 years to feel good about myself as a stay at home wife, but now I wouldn't change places with the woman I used to be for all the first class seats in the world. I'm blessed with the luxury of accompanying my husband to fascinating international destinations (even if it is just an overnight) and I've met some of the most delightful people in the world. I've also had the time to begin writing again and to learn the simple pleasures of gardening and entertaining in our home. Am I a "working woman"? You bet, and I've got the best job on earth. I make the living worthwhile!


Ain't it the truth! Funny it takes so long to realize took me about 2 years as well.