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How To Pack For A Business Trip
When You're Meeting With Clients Or Attending A Convention, You Need To Look Your Absolute Best. Learn These Tips For Good Packing Techniques. First you need to lay everything out that you intend to take. There is a right and wrong way to pack a bag. Remember that everything should be added to your bag in a certain order. Learn how to roll smaller items, how to fold, and why you should wear your blazer on the plane.


Mens' No Iron Dress Shirts, RATING: EXCELLENT

I have been meaning to write this up for a while now! I have noticed that some shirts fare better than others in the laundry. I will keep adding new shirts and notes as I go so consider this a journal of shirts, so to speak!

  1. Joseph & Feiss International 80's 2 PLY NON-IRON 100% Cotton Button Down Shirts White RN 77219 - Made in Indonesia. Purchased at the Men's Wearhouse
  2. -
  3. Joseph & Feiss International 80's 2 PLY NON-IRON 100% Cotton Button Down Shirts Cream RN 77219 - Made in Philippines. Purchased at the Men's Wearhouse

Both of the Joseph & Feiss shirts stand out as quality shirts. They come out of the dryer looking terrific, and hold their shape quite well. They can truly be worn without ironing them at all, assuming you take them out as soon as the drying cycle is finished. I even wash them with my whites using the sanitary cycle (water temp. almost boiling), and with bleach and so far they still look as good as new!


Men's Wearhouse

Men's Wearhouse

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