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Modern Retro Furniture?

eGads! An Oxymoron! And it's coming right towards us!

I suspect that the word "Oxymoron" was coined by an English Literature Professor who wanted to cleverly conceal his disdain for the dimwitted.

After all, the definition of "Oxymoron" is: A Figure of speech containing two seemingly contradictory expressions.

Meaning, you are too dumb to realize you are contradicting yourself.

Nonetheless, Modern Retro Furniture is about style, and sleek sophisticated design.

It harkens back to the now retro designers of the 40's, 50's and 60's. Mies van der Rohe and his Brno Flat Chair and Barcelona Chair (also called the Pavilion Chair) defines the look of the modern retro furniture style. 

See? No couch potatoes here, no Sirree Bob! If you run with this crowd it's all turtle necks and blazers, with a Martini in hand and a lively discussion of deconstructionist theory underway!



Retro Furniture Finds at Montgomery Ward

I finally sorted through Ward's products and picked out the retro items in their furniture department. Wards has some nice little items, which you may now view here! Happy Retro-ing!

1950s Modern Retro Eames Eiffel Chair in Light Blue
 Eames Eiffel Chair in Light Blue $199
Available at Design Within Reach I really like this blue adds a certain funky without a total commitment!

 1950s modern retro Barcelona chair by Mies Van der Rohe
Barcelona Chair by Mies Van der Rohe
Available at Design Within Reach This would fit well in the private study of a REALLY hip lawyer or a psychiatrist. Accessorize with a tobacco pipe and black turtleneck sweater (The man, not the chair). Train your dog to bark "Bauhaus" on command.  

Some Examples of Modern Retro Furniture and about how much it'll set you back.


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1970s Style Retro Panton Chair in Orange
Panton Chair - Limited Edition
$225 Available at Design Within Reach. This is what I mean about total commitment. A set of four and you better have Austin Powers' "Yeah Baby" down perfectly.

Modern Retro Eileen Gray End Table
Eileen Gray End Table
Available at Design Within Reach. This table totally cracks me up! It reminds me of that Ab Fab episode with the Bettina and Max flashback (New Best Friend) to their way cool ultra white minimalist apartment..

1948 Eames La Chaise
Available at Design Within Reach