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Adidas Coupon Corner:
- Adidas sales, coupons and special offers from the 1970s to today!

adidas Terry Cloth Shorts
Adidas On Sale: Selections from Adidas 1976 Product Line
  • Adidas Olympic Polyester Training Suits for adults and youths. - Jacket features the 1976 Olympic games symbol and 3-stripes in contrasting colour. Tapered cut with pointed collar. Pants have flared legs. Perma stitch crease, elasticized waistband, 1 zippered slash pocket and a patch pocket on back. Adults': S. M. L. XL Youths' S. M. L All in royal with white stripes and white or sky with navy stripes.
    Adult size each $18.99
    Youth size each $17.99
  • Adidas "Bluestar" Training Shoes. Same features as "Montreal 76" shoes except with blue velour uppers, white stripes and trim and red mid-soles Adults' full and half sizes 6 to 12, youths 4 to 5W. Price: Pair $16.99.
  • Adidas "Montreal 76" Training Shoes. Fully padded, high quality training shoes featuring red velour uppers, white contrast- stripes and trim, blue mid-soles. Long lasting soles. Heel cups. Toe bumpers. Adults' full and half-sizes: 6 to 12. Youths' full sizes 1 to 5. Price: Pair: $16.99


More 1970s Fashion - Adidas Retro

1977 adidas 3-stripe warm ups
adidas 3-stripe warm ups (1977).

adidas 3-stripe warm ups, made in the exciting new Keyrolan1 fabric. Outside Keyrolan shines like tinsel. Inside, it's as soft as feathers, with an Arnel nap, and is extra light and comfortable. Horizontal fabric stretch provides a perfect fit for any figure - male or female. Durable and very easy to look after. They are ideal gifts for the festive season - for jingling or jogging. Two items of note: Unisex clothing appears and so does jogging! People haven't always bought special clothing and run around for no good reason, you know! PS...The model looks a lot like Linda Blair

Adidas Men's Old School Jacket

Adidas Men's Old School Jacket!
Old-school ballers are celebrated in this standout warm up top. The distinctive colors and bold pattern recall the great games and players from back in the day.

1972 Adidas Adilette Aprés-Sport Slide Sandal

Originally launched in 1972 to the joy of grateful feet everywhere, the adilette is the most famous aprés-sport slide on the market today.

Ever wonder when "tennis whites" became "tennis apparel"? If the following article is any indication it was sometime around 1977.

Fashions Are Scoring With Tennis Set

At one time, only white clothes with perhaps a touch of color trim were, allowed on tennis courts. Now, thanks in part to television, any and all colors can be seen on public and private tennis courts from Beverly Hill to Wimbledon. At the urging of television camera people, professional tennis stars exchanged their traditional whites for pastels and eventually, deeper colors. White does not photograph well for either black and white or color television cameras. Thus, the tradition of tennis whites ended as recreational players adopted the colors of professional players.

Tennis clothes today span the color spectrum from pale pastels to bright reds and oranges for both men's and women's styles. Although many tennis players still wear white, their clothes are usually accented with bright colors, stripes and even checks.

Top designers in both women's and men's fashions have created tennis clothes for the ready-to-wear market. Noted tennis professionals such as Jimmy Connors and Rosie Casals have endorsed tennis wear, along with entertainment personalities who are also good tennis players. Warm-up suits which cover tennis clothes are also designed in various colors with bold stripes and patches. Warm-ups can be worn for jogging and other activities, along with tennis.

Tennis sweaters are coordinated with tennis clothes by some designers to give players a complete fashion ensemble. Many women prefer the one-piece tennis dress now available in halter styles, in addition to more conventional scoop neck and V-neck styles. Several manufacturers of tennis clothes are offering women mix-and-match separates which include tops, skirts, shorts and sweaters in coordinated colors.

 Dressing for tennis may even be as much fun as the game, now that such a great variety of styles is available. And, best of all, most of the tennis clothes are made from cotton blended with synthetic fabrics which wash easily and require little, if any ironing!  Economist Newspapers Wednesday, March 16, 1977

Adidas Retro Fashions Available Today:

SL 72 VINTAGE SHOES - Replica of 1972 adidas shoes.
A faithful replica of the '72 original created for the Munich Games. The adidas SL 72 Vintage shoe captures authentic details in a women's-specific design with a light nylon upper, metallic stripes, and washed-out suede on the toe cap, eye stay and heel. The adidas SL 72 running shoes were first seen gracing the podium at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. This re-release stays true to the original with a nylon and suede upper and refreshes the look with new colors.

Adidas Superstar Jacket
Adidas Superstar Jacket

Named after the legendary Adidas Superstar basketball shoe of 1969, this (retro) jacket took the court in 1975 and quickly became one of the best-selling track jackets ever designed.
the adidas 3-stripe -
The classic 3 stripe adidas warm-up suit.

3-Stripe Dazzle Pant
the 3-Stripe Dazzle Pant - The closest I could find to the adidas men's warm-up suit shown in the 1977 photo to the left!

Adidas Men's Court Classics

Adidas Men's Court Classics
"This tennis-inspired shoe adds a contemporary twist to a classic design with its perforated upper and smart court sense."

Adidas Official Supplier to the Olympic Games Montreal 1976.

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