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I was asked if I would like to try out some "Neat Containers" and would it be OK if they send me some? I am always in the process of trying to get organized, so I jumped at the chance.


By the time the boxes arrived, I forgot that they were being sent - not that it took them very long to send them, I just tend to be somewhat absent minded. I was convinced for two days that I had inadvertently clicked the "one click" button on Amazon and had ordered what appeared to be several stacks of "to go" food containers. It was not until I viewed the video (posted above) that I realized the potential of these boxes.

It appears to be a solution for the organizationally challenged of the world, such as myself. Now, even if I make a pile of neatly arranged boxes, and put my most useful items at the very bottom of the pile, this system compensates for my handicap - at least if the video is to be believed, as I have not yet tried it. But I will...

Before Neat Containers - Messy Basement
Before Neat Containers - Messy Basement - Close-up with possible spider lurking spots.
Using Neat Containers - Place First Boxes...Hmmm...

Trying to figure out how this thing works without the video...
Using Neat Containers - Place More Boxes...Hmmm...Might Need to Watch Video Again

Put my nails in the boxes, but unsure about my construction. Thinking I should arrange the nails according to nail size or something, but am getting sick of nails. Also thinking I can stick labels on the front of the boxes with the new label maker I bought from Office Max, but haven't tried out yet.
Using Neat Containers - Neat Containers With My Nails Inside - Looks Much Better

So it got too dark and cold and I think I need to watch the video again...but this is going to be a good thing for my nail mess.


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