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About Church & Dwight Co., Inc. For over 150 years, we've been delighting customers worldwide with quality products that are healthy to use and that take the drudgery out of cleaning. You've seen ARM & HAMMER®, OxiClean®, Kaboom®, Orange Glo®, and other Church & Dwight products on TV, find them on

Give me a new powdery cleaner, and I can't resist adding it to the water in my Bissel carpet cleaner. So when I got my free sample of Oxi Clean, that is the first thing I did.

We have a tan carpet in our house which is the object of frequent cleaning due to the heavy traffic of teenagers (My shoes are clean, Mom REALLY!) and muddy paws (Woof!). Cleaning agents that go above and beyond are always welcome at our house, provided they won't land me on the EPA's Superfund list.

I had a few particularly dedicated stains in the carpet that seemed to want to be permanently part of the decor, so that is where I decided to take the Bissel for a spin. I added the prescribed amount of Oxi Clean directly into the water, and went at it.


  1. Unidentifiable Cobalt Blue Stain, Most likely marking pen: Oxi Clean got this stain out 100%, and without much fuss.

  2. Couch Foot Varnish Stain: - 80% removed. This was a tough one, and nothing else has yet made a dent in it; Not the expensive Bissel soap, nor my old favorite Tide. I am pretty sure if I kept at it and scrubbed a bit, it would go away completely. I'll add that one to my "Level 3 To Do" list.

  3. The Adjusted the Coffee Table Just So, So Mom Won't Notice Spilled Soda Spot - Alas, this one didn't come out! There was some improvement, but not as much as my other happy findings. From this I have to conclude that there is another, much more sinister reason that Coca Cola keeps its cola recipe secret! Just imagine what sort of stains cola can leave on your teeth! I feel a new lecture forming....


Oxi Clean Versatile

Oxi Clean Versatile

Oxi Clean Versatile is a great bleach substitute for your colored laundry. Do not mix it with bleach, however!

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