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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Retro Radio Flyer Red Wagon
Every Kid Should Have a Red Wagon! First item on my Christmas list is a Radio Flyer Red Wagon for my nieces. Madiline (3) can pull Lizzy (1) around for hours in this thing!






Every year I end up racing around last minute doing my Christmas shopping, which makes Christmas more of a chore than a celebration. This year, I am going to start early and get it right. I will I will I will!!!!!!!1951 Embees of Charleston Christmas Ad in Newspaper

It seems that men have had this problem for a long time...according to this 1951 Ad by Embees of Charleston, Seven out of Ten Men wait until the last minute to do their Christmas Shopping! And then, if they follow Embees' advice, they come home with something called "OOmphies", for $2.96 (Free Gift Wrapping!) which are described as a darling little Slidealong Scuff in matching or contrasting colors. (One foot red one foot blue?) Hmmmm. Good Advice?

Well OK, so Slippers for Christmas....could be acceptable if used as the decoy gift for the little blue box from Tiffany's. I think I need to take a poll...Take Poll

My Christmas List

Christmas Present List

Grace 15 Product Red by Apple - iPod Nano Special EditionMy son daughter gets the Product Red Special Edition iPod Nano from Apple. Besides looking really cool, apple donates $10 to fighting AIDS in Africa.
Kirk  13 Brass Eagle Next Generation Avenger Players Kit - Christmas Gift for my son!I know I am going to regret this, but just yesterday he was saying how he likes to play paintball. So....DONE DEAL!!!! (Got 10% Off too!)
Mom  Elvis Wine for Mom!  
Dad Hee Hee...My father jokes that my mom & sisters drink so much Starbucks coffee he should buy stock in it. Now he will have a share!
Annie (Sister #1) Sister loves Marks and Spencer...Don't know if they ship to US...
Daily Advanced Shave Kit $55.00


Complete Men's Travel Kit $78.00
Madeline (Niece Age 3) Highlights Magazine for Children Ages 2 to 6.She already has the regular Highlights Magazine, but it is a bit too old for her. I got her this one too! (She can grow into the other issues!)
Lizzy (Niece Age 1+) Highlights Hidden Pictures Calendar - Fun Fun!I bought her older sister a Highlights subscription, which is a great thing for kids because they absolutely love getting their own mail! Hidden picture games are fun fun fun for kids. We called it "Who can find" when we were kids!
Nancy (Sister #2) Philosophy Hope In A Tube Eye & Lip Firming Cream .5 oz My sister wanted this - Philosophy Hope In A Tube Eye & Lip Firming Cream .5 oz. Not that she needs it (IMO), but she thinks she does so Hope in a Tube it is. (She says it gets rid of lines around your eyes. I have not tried it, so I couldn't say...although maybe that is why I think she doesn't need it?)

Scrumpdilliumptious Chocolate...

My Christmas Stores:

Time Savers or Great Service

* Container Store has Free Shipping on Gift Wrapped items.

Ornaments & Decorations
  1. - CT has all kinds of knick-knacks, collectibles and seasonal items. I am putting them on my list as a Christmas Ornament resource.
  2. Bombay Co. - Select Gifts 50% Off till 1/1/07
  3. Christmas Party Supplies at Shindigz
  4. Organize your Christmas Cards!Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Holder Shaped Like a Christmas Tree!



Hickory Farms: Free Shipping for the Holidays + $10 off $50, $25 off $100 or $50 off $150.
Hickory Farms
Enter Code GOBBLE

Just-In-Case Christmas Gifts

(You Know, the Kind You Send When there is a chance they may send you something and you don't want to risk putting yourself in gift debt and feeling like scrooge)

  1. Chocolates,
  2. Candies,
  3. Desserts,
  4. Dried or Fresh Fruit,
  5. Nuts,
  6. Wine,
  7. Cheese
  8. Spiffy Gift Baskets
  9. Fancy Schmancy Cookies
Christmas Gifts For People You Secretly Hate
  1. Fruit Cake
  2. Fruit Cake
  3. Fruit Cake
      Purple Flower


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