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Retro Christmas Card -  Red Merry Christmas
Retro Christmas Card - Red Merry Christmas by Hallmark

HALLMARK GRANDMA MOSES CARDS Come in and see our Hallmark Grandma Moses Cards ... quaint winter scenes that recapture childhood memories of Christmas. Boxes of other Hallmark Cards to choose from in our larger than ever collection. As Advertised in November, 1950

Wonderful Moments at Christmas

 Deer and River Snow Scene

Retro Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards of Today in Styles of Yesteryear

HALLMARK FOREMOST ARTISTS Cards by Norman Rockwell, and Grandma Moses . . . Come in and let us show you the heart-warming paintings by dozens of Famous American artists on the most beautiful Christmas cards ever! As Advertised in November, 1950

I Love Lucy Retro Christmas CardLucy Christmas Cards Make yours a very I Love Lucy Christmas with these Lucy Christmas Cards, a set of 15 holiday greeting cards. Front says "Have you been Naughty or Nice?" Inside, "Best wishes to the Naughty and the Nice for a very Merry Christmas."

Retro Santa Claus Coca Cola Christmas Cards Classic Coke Santa Christmas Cards, a set of 12 die-cut holiday cards featuring Santa enjoying a frosty Coca-ColaŽ in 4 different seasonal scenes. Dusted in ornamental glitter, they're gifts all by themselves! Inside reads, "Ho, Ho, Ho...Merry Christmas!" Includes matching red envelopes.

Christmas Stockings of Yesteryear - Greeting Card
In a style that harkens to Victorian era, these 3 artistic red stockings are loaded with timeless gifts and greetings to "Have yourself a merry..."

1957 - Shop Now for your Hallmark Christmas Cards
"We have a complete collection of the newest Hallmark Christmas Cards and Gift Wraps. Come in today and select yours!" 1957 - Waterloo Daily Courier, Waterloo, Iowa.

The richest, most vivid colors ever to appear on holiday greetings keynote 1947's gaily-hued Christmas cards.

Eye-stopping reds and luminous greens are especially prominent among the new Yuletide cards, often as solid color backgrounds for a striking individual figure like Santa mounting his sleigh or a whimsical angel with a bucket of yellow paint touching up a star.

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2007 Christmas Cards


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