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Victorian Cast Iron Tree Stands
Victorian Cast Iron Tree Stands

1940s Christmas Decorations

1940s Christmas Elves - Christmas Decoration
The Original Christmas Elves
from the 1940s and 1950s.

Tinsel Tree Glass Ornaments from the 1940s.
Tinsel Tree Glass Ornaments
from the 1940s. - These Christmas tree ornaments are crafted with wide bottoms and narrow tops to mimic the look of a Christmas tree, they have the same authentic 1940s - 1950s design that once made these ornaments ever so popular. Everything from the tinsel inside to the sparkling glitter on the outside is exactly as they were to give your tree the look and feel of yesteryear. Authentic design from the 1940s-'50s

Retro Christmas Decorations

Decorating for a Retro Christmas

1960s Silvery Tinsel Christmas TreeDreaming of a retro Christmas? Short of a time machine, good old retro Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments may get you there! From the classic to the classic tacky, you'll find it here!

1960s Christmas Decorations, Like this (left) 1960s tinsel tree! It won't shed! Bubble Lights - a 1950s Christmas Tree Favorite

1950s Christmas Decorations Or (right) Bubble Lights - a 1950s Christmas Tree Favorite - can you believe that these liquid-filled Christmas tree candle lights warmed up and started bubbling?


1940 Retro Christmas Table Centerpiece.An Inexpensive Centerpiece with Gilt Paper Dollies, Tree Balls, Pine Cones and Sprays, Along with Nut-filled Gilt Paper Cones and Altar Candles in Red Holders. Gilt Snowflakes Outline It and Trim Goblets; Gilt Letters on Napkins Serve as Place Cards. (Found it in the Sunday, December 22, 1940, edition of the Albuquerque Journal and spent the better part of last night "PhotoShopping" it so you could see what it looked like!)

Old-World Touch...

Retro Christmas Tree LED Candles
Bonus! Won't Burn The House Down!  I have had one Christmas with actual fire-breathing candles on the tree... It sure is pretty, but you have to watch the tree like you would a new-born baby. I found the safer version here.

Traditional Bayberry Candles
Traditional Bayberry Candles

Tin Candle Holder
Tin Candle Holder

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