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Retro Gifts for Grown-Ups

Retro Record Player 1960s
1960s Record Player
- In the 1960s, the record player was a staple in American households. It has since gone extinct, or so we thought until finding this great turntable from Crosley. It can stack 6 records of any size (7"", 10"", and 12"") and advance them using a fully automatic arm. Plays at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm, with dial-adjusted bass/treble and volume.

Retro Mania!
Retro Mania!: 60 Hip Handmade Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Gifts & More! $12.62 at

Dogs and Cats Sending Christmas Cards Figurine
Dogs and Cats Sending Christmas Cards Figurine

MLB Retro Gear

Retro Christmas Gifts

Classic Gifts from Childhood - Inspired by the Past

 I get a lot of email from people looking for "retro Christmas gifts", both for specific items and just in general. So I thought I would make it easy and just plunk them all on one page as I find them. If you are looking for something specific, send me an email, and I will try to find it for you!Retro Chocolate Santa Brandy Bottles

I am doing the same for retro Christmas decorations and Christmas cards! Women's Patagonia Retro X Jacket

Hit the bunny slopes in Patagonia's Retro X Jacket - Oh How Mod You'll Be!




1950s Evening in Paris PerfumeIf you happen to know of any wonderful retro Christmas gifts, decorations or Christmas cards, by all means send those in as well! Merry Retro Christmas!

Evening In Paris/Soir De Paris "From the daring decade of the 1920s - think glittering nightlife, flapper fashion, the heady perfume of luxury came the fragrance Soir de Paris, or Evening in Paris as it was known here. By the 1950s, it was touted as "the fragrance more women wear than any other in the world," yet by 1969 it had disappeared.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition BikeChrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition Bike - Single-speed, coaster brake cruiser with an exclusive PT frame and wheels, white wall tires, spring saddle, foam grips, kickstand, reflectors, and chrome plated fenders. It even comes with a bell! His Bike |  Her Bike

Retro Disco Light1970s Style Retro Disco Ball Light - "Flashes of yellow, red, green and blue intermittently cast their groovy spell all over the room. "

Retro Circle Lamp

Retro Circle Table Lamp - adds a splash of style. Ceramic lamp with a circular base is a modern take on groovy. Coordinating fabric shade gently filters light. 15-3/4"H. Uses one 60-watt bulb, not included. UL listed. Imported. Radio Flyer #5 Little Red Wagon

Shall We Dance? Authentic 1960s Raggedy Ann Dancing Doll Is the Perfect Size for Little Girls

Retro Gifts for Kids

Handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls
At Lehman's: Handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls - Each one unique! (The first Raggedy Ann doll was created in 1915 - very retro!)

Retro Tin Kaleidoscope
Tin Kaleidoscope - Just like the ones we had as kids!

Game of Jacks and Dominoes Set
Game of Jacks and Dominoes Set Only $9.95 at Lehman's and also Made in the USA! - When I was in 5th grade, all the girls would play Jacks at recess! (1976 or so.)

Gumby and Pokey
Gumby and Pokey: The Original Bendable Buddies! Remember the clay animation cartoons of the 1950s and '60s? I think they were in black and white...

The Slinky!
Made of 80 feet of steel wire this slinky comes in a reproduction of the original 1945 box ""What walks down stairs alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound?"" It's Slinky! Still manufactured in Pennsylvania by descendants of its creator, each toy is made of 80 feet of steel wire. This special-edition Slinky comes in a reproduction of the original 1945 box. Ages 3 and up. "

Vintage Tiddledy Winks
Vintage Tiddledy Winks
- this game dates back to 1889!

Christmas Yahtzee

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