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A few places to buy retro fashion:
  1. Retro Style Shoes at Zappos
  2. Retro fever fashion at ShopBop
  3. Retro T-Shirts
  4. Smith Sunglasses, Retro designs
  5. Men's Vintage Clothing Mod suits, 40's neckties, hippie shirts, bellbottoms, flares, cardigan sweaters, 70's shorts, vintage hawaiian shirts - thousands of unique items at RustyZipper.Com Vintage Clothing.
  6. Women's Vintage Clothing Vintage 40's-50's dresses, 60's mod dresses, hippie dresses, skirts, vintage tops, vintage purses and shoes.
  7. The Nine West Vintage America Collection evokes a nostalgic American feel!

Future Retro
Exclusive 3OH!3 Tees From MySpace Music and ShockHound!
I used my time machine to travel 20 years into the future and overheard the girl above talking to a long-time friend:
Girl: Remember when we wore T-shirts from 3OH!3? How Skleebo1 was that?!
1 One possibility out of approx 10,000 Billion slang terms they might use 20 years from now...


Book - The Way We Wore - History Of Black Fashion - African-American Style
From prim ponytails are pumps to afros and aviator glasses, African-American style from one decade to the next has always been stunning and inventive. Michael McCollom has pulled together an extensive collection of original photographs, all featuring black men and women looking their "best" in wonderfully original clothing, hairstyles and accessories from years gone by.

1962 by Douglas Kirkland, To be re-released on August 19th the 125th anniversary of Coco Chanelís birth!
Book Cover: Coco Chanel - Three Weeks 1962 - Re-released by Glitterati August 2008

"During his three week stay with Chanel, photographer Douglas Kirkland captured both the public and the intimate moments of her daily life."

"THE EASY GLAM" DRESS: Design History teal jersey v-neck puff sleeve dress
Decades of Style: Trend Then, Trend Now. Shop
Book Cover of Wife Dressing - The Fine Art Of Being a Well Dressed Wife.
Wife Dressing - Coming soon to a book store/closet near you! A really amazing little book - Less than 200 pages - but full of timeless fashion wisdom. Wife Dressing, written by Anne Fogarty and first published in the 50s, has been dusted off and given a snazzy new cover, but the content is the original.

 If you have tired of burning your bras, and instead would like to know which bra to wear with which outfit, or would just like to dress well - and appropriately - Buy this book!

Retro Floral Swimsuit by Popina
Retro Swimwear by Popina Swim

What's more Retro than Rubber Rain Boots? Be sure and sing the little tune...
Retro Rubber Rain Boot in Red
are Sperry Top-Siders..
Retro Rubber Rain Boot in Green
are GREEN with a funny face.
Now say:
"Retro Rubber Rain Boots"
10 times fast!

Christian Louboutin - the Lapano Loafer Bootie
Another 40s influenced shoe, by Christian Louboutin - the Lapano Loafer Bootie

Coco Chanel Pink Handbag
Coco Chanel Pink Handbag

Fabulous 40s They're chunky, they're clunky, they're your grandmother's shoes! The high heeled oxford is hot and borrows from 1942 Shoe Styles.

In Vogue: The History of Vogue Magazine - This complete compendium is illustrated with hundreds of covers and archival interiors of past Vogue editions, featuring the work of some of the 20th century's most respected artists, cover illustrators, and photographers.

  1. 1960s Style Juicy Couture Double Breasted Wool Coat1960s Style Juicy Couture Double Breasted Wool Coat - $398.00 at Nordstrom.

  2. Rainbow Retro Braided Tie Top by T-bags - More Mippie Man! Found it at a new (to me) store called "Fashion Chateau". Oui!
  3. Adidas Retro Shoe - ZXZ Plus ST, Limited Edition. After 20 years on ice, the ZX family (of adidas shoes) is back with a new look for 2007. Quantities are limited so collect now. The ZX Famly shoes come in 16 colors in 4 different design packs. A collectors shoe for sure.
  4. Retro Shoes: Here is a decent selection of Retro Style Shoes at Zappos!
  5. 1960s Mod Prints - Milly Tulip Print A-Line Dress - Seen 2007 here at Pink Mascara!

  6. 1960s Inspired Rebecca Taylor Cactus Flower Mini Dress Rebecca Taylor Cactus Flower Dress - A Real 1960s throwback that people might even think you dug out of your mother's closet! Printed in warm floral colors like orange and yellow, this dress has a slight scoop neckline and charming bell sleeves.


What are We Wearing Now?  What Were We Wearing Then?

The Way We Wore: Black Style Then is renowned designer Michael McCollomís personal scrapbook of Black fashion from the 1940ís until present time - where we remember our friends and ourselves. From prim ponytails and pumps to afros and aviator glasses, Black American style from one decade to the next has always been stunning and inventive. Michael McCollom has pulled together an extensive collection of original photographs, all featuring black men and women looking their "best" in wonderfully original clothing, hairstyles and accessories from years gone by.  Some of the photographs make us laugh - outrageous hairdos and chunky earrings, while others underscore the timeless elegance of Black style. The photographs in this collection for the most part do not feature models or celebrities these are ordinary people looking fabulous-and chosen by themselves are their signature fashion moments from the past-as they pose for a friend's camera. Some of their outfits are zany, others are elegant; some hip, and others casual. Each photo in an honest snapshot of a particular time, place and personality together, they for an extraordinary tribute to the boldness and ingenuity of black style throughout the decades.

Mad Men Suit Inspired by Don Draper at Brooks Brothers.
"Directly inspired by the razor sharp 1960s tailoring favored by the characters of Don Draper (played by John Hamm) and Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery), the "Mad Men Edition" suit has been reinterpreted for today by award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant. The hand-finished, American-made suit evokes the clean style and sophistication of the early 1960s with a trimmer silhouette and period details.
The Mad Men Suit - Classic Men's Suit in 1960s Style Like The TV Show Mad Men.Offered in a "static" grey sharkskin fabric, the 2-button jacket features narrow lapels, hacking pockets and side vents. Plain-front trousers. Dry clean. Made in the USA. Limited edition while supplies lasts." This suit was available at Brooks Brothers, but it sold out in one day... But Now it is back: "The Martini Lunch is Back on Madison Avenue...and so is the suit But Like A Good Martini, It Won't Last Long"

1969 Jean from The Gap - Woodstock Inspired Fashion
If your parents have been acting funny lately, it may be because the 40th anniversary of Woodstock has arrived: August 15-18, 1969. Do you know where your parents were?

How To PROPERLY Wear Pucci:

Pucci Accessory - Afghan HoundPucci Accessory - Maserati

No - Not nuts - you definitely need an Afghan Hound and a Maserati to properly wear Emilio Pucci. I have PROOF!

Retro Swim Is In - Glamsuits by Juicy Couture
Here they are! The Glamsuits! - These are by Juicy Couture and they bring us back to the days of Ava Gardner, Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth - These are your Grandma's Suits - If your Grandma was One Hot Number! More Glamsuits and Voom Suits.

Land's End Cutest Raincoat Ever - Spring 2009
20% OFF UNTIL 2/26!!! This has to be the cutest raincoat ever made... It is just darling - It makes me want to go out and stand in the rain! From Land's End Spring 2009

Get Ready For Spring 09 - New Fashions Arriving

The Retro Party Dress - Vintage Party Dress Fashions from 1950 - 1980. would be this page's soul mate  if there were such a thing... They are currently running a collection of vintage party dresses from the 1950s - 1980s - all of the dresses pictured above are in it - I added a few familiar faces for dramatic effect - I think they represent each decade nicely - If you don't recognize them they are: (from left to right) Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Karen Carpenter and Brigitte Nielsen.

To Do:  If I were a rich person I would hop on a plane and go to the Westwood Gallery, in NYC because: "Our gallery has the premiere exhibition of Coco Chanel prints by Douglas Kirkland which correspond with the book. Recently we had the opening reception and book signing at the gallery. We extend an invitation to visit the gallery and to view these extraordinary images of a fashion icon. The photographs by Douglas capture intimate moments in the House of Chanel and Mlle Chanel as she has never before been seen. These photographs have been in the archives of Douglas Kirkland for over 46 years and now released to the public. The exhibition will go through November 29th at Westwood Gallery, 568 Broadway (corner of Prince Street) in SoHo, New York."


New York Fashion Week; Spring 2009 Michael Kors Collection-Shop Michael Kors Fall Styles at NORDSTROM

RetroRetro Disco Dress

Retro '70s Fashion - Free People 'Rainbow' Tiered Dress Retro '70s Fashion - Free People Quilted Shorts Retro '70s Fashion - Free People 'Cotton Candy' Crinkle Top
Welcome to the '70s

Retro Fashion Events (and some current fashions too!)

DIOR Vintage - 60 Years of Dior Couture exclusively on YOOX.COM

As Seen Ons & Ins!

As Seen In Harper's Bazaar May 2008:  Serpent Bracelet Lotus Arts de Vivre, Serpent Bracelet, $27,600.
As Seen In Domino - May 2008:  Wide Cotton Zebra Cuff by Oscar de la Renta May 2008 p 49 Decorating Inspiration Instead of head-to-toe animal print, opt for one wild accessory – like this ‘zebra’ cuff.
As Seen In Domino - May 2008:  Wicker Diamond Bangle May 2008 p 26 Editor's Cravings: Wicker Revival Add texture to a stack of gold bangles with one of these bamboo bracelets.
As Seen In Harper's Bazaar April 2008:  Jute and Patent Ebony Closure Clutch Ports 1961, Jute and Patent Ebony Closure Clutch, $475.
As Seen In Harper's Bazaar April 2008:  Gold & Crystal Cuff  - KMO Jewel, Gold & Crystal Cuff, $995.
As Seen In domino, April 2008:  Leather Zip Pouch - Bare, Large Leather Zip Pouch, $125.
As Seen On Lipstick Jungle Episode 3/20:  Agate Cabochon Necklace from

Saks Fifth Avenue LogoWrapping up Paris: Michael Fink Reports on the Spring Fashion Trends from Paris, France.

Contest! Enter for a chance to win a fashion weekend in New York and to meet Diane Von Furstenberg! Entries accepted through 3.9.08. (Sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue!)

Fashion WeekFASHION WEEK IN THE BIG APPLE - for that (almost) "there too" feeling, try these perky fashion dudes covering the scene: Nordstrom's Jeffrey Kalinsky doing a daily video called "TOWN CAR CHRONICLES" - Then we have Michael Fink of the illustrious Saks 5th Ave who is likewise making Fashion Week videos! Nicole Miller called next fall's look "Modern Day Joan of Arc" which is a bit more retro than what is covered here...

Retro Fashion Goes Around The World - Germany In this Video-Advertisement for "Quelle", we learn a bit about Lydia, the frumpy one in beige who is too busy to stay fashionable - kids, job, etc. ... We learn that the 60s look is coming back this spring (The pink jacket with the big buttons), and that Lydia looks better in pink. Oops they switch this out it seems - this week we see Claudia the stewardess getting help with her wardrobe -  Claudia likes to hit the bars after work so she needs a good "city look" outfit - German word of the hour: Bleistiftrock = pencil skirt - hey you never know when you may be caught in Germany in desperate need of a pencil skirt!

Stuart Weitzman Spring 2008 Trunk Show

Stuart Weitzman Spring 2008 Trunk Show happening now at can get new Stuart Weitzman styles in made-to-order sizes until December 31, 2007. Groovy Flower

What will you find? Retro animal print shoes, positively pink shoes (I approve) and some interesting cork shoes!

Coco Returns - The Sequel - A Tribute to Chanel Vintage Sale on YOOX.COM (Take II) Hurry, only until December 15th)

Project Runway - Your Personal Guide! For those of you who require a bedtime dose of fashion to usher you to snoozyland, Project Runway may just do the trick - (every Wednesday on Bravo at 10:00 PM or 9:00 for those on Central time). Watch as would-be fashion designers undergo a fashion face-off - kind of like American Idol for fashion. If you like what you see, you can "Get The Look" Here: Outfit 1 ** Outfit 2 ** Outfit 3 ** Outfit 4 ** Outfit 5 ** Outfit 6 ** Outfit 7 ** Outfit 8 ** Outfit 9 ** Outfit 10 btw - Number 10 aka champagne canvas eyelet 'Gala' peep toe pump are really nice shoes.

Beyond Time: Future Vintage. Timeless pieces from YOOX.COM'sCoco Chanel in Hat with Cigarette collections. And you have got to take a look at this vintage Coco Chanel collection they have right now (November 27th, 2007). There is only one of each available, so the pieces are selling out quickly, but if you are interested in fashion, then Coco Chanel is your goddess, and this is like a Coco Museum online! Simply Coco Chanel - An exclusive Vintage selection Um...excuse me Ma'am, you're going to have to put that cigarette out... Ma'am? There's no smoking in old black and white photos! MAAAAA'AAM?

Moschino Historical Fashion ShowMoschino opens the doors to its historical archives in a worldwide exclusive for YOOX. Now online: Moschino Collectibles - the historical archives worldwide exclusive on YOOX.COM.

New! Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for YOOX - Special Pentagrama Kidswear Collection Clothes that will make you wish you were a kid again!

SHOPVOGUE.TV - Entertainment you wear. Premieres August 21st.

OLD NAVY VIDEO - JEANS This Old Navy Commercial is set to debutNew Line Of Retro Denim from Old Navy. August 9th, 2007, and will show off Old Navy's new blue jeans - the styles are reminiscent of several decades past...

Stella T-ShirtFrom Tuesday, July 24th 2007, the limited edition T-shirt designed by Stella McCartney for the cult music festival Glastonbury will be on sale exclusively on The stylish British designer chose to showcase and sell this colorful top with proceeds going to the OXFAM charity whose aim is to end to poverty world-wide. Dedicated to the Glastonbury, the T-shirt is heavily rooted in Stella's musical upbringing. "Glastonbury is one of most iconic music festivals in the world and it never fails to be brilliant," reflects McCartney. "The T-shirt is inspired by all the airbrushing my mum and dad used to get made in the 70's".

Stella added, "It's the ultimate music Festival! This is the ultimate summer tank! is the ultimate place to buy it! with gas!!!" Love, Stella... Stella McCartney's Limited Edition Tank Top - A Worldwide Exclusive only on YOOX (Costs $50)!

July 7th, 2007  - Valentino is celebrating 45 years of design, and will be tossing a couture show and ball, flanked by a retrospective exhibition and a fragrance launch.

Christian Lacroix Short Sleeve T-Shirt Summer 2007July 3rd, 2007  - Christian Lacroix, will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of his house, and will be hosting a party at Georges atop the Pompidou museum. I always have to think of AbFab when I hear Lacroix, Darling.

CHRISTIAN DIOR Wedge Sandals from the 2007 Spring Summer Collection.July 2nd, 2007  - Christian Dior's couture show  and will "draw from the legacy of the house" and feature "some of the most iconic supermodels of this generation" should be interesting from a "retro housewife" perspective! I wish I could say I'd be going, but...

June 13th 2007 - I just went to my sons junior high school graduation and noticed that the girls are all wearing 50s and 60s styles, updated of course, but unmistakably retro influenced.

On the cutting edge of the retro hip scene is YOOX - no surprise there...since YOOX is synonymous with avant-garde fashion and design. Don't forget to check out the Tribute to Vintage Gucci - plus many current Gucci pieces which ends June 15, 2007.

Then there is a really spectacular vintage collection themed "The Vintage Factory: A selection of Vintage pieces inspired by Andy Warhol's FACTORY GIRLS."  Real items from the 60s and early 70s...

I am searching...scouring...turning over every rock in the fashion world to see if there are any retro-style articles of fabulous fashion fabrications to show here on Retro Housewife, or link to, or maybe even buy up myself!

Groovy FlowerI must admit that I was never the gal who was in danger of winning any "Best Dressed" awards, although I'd like to think that if need be, I could pull together a knock-em-dead outfit or 2, however my little endeavor is actually quite fun...kind of like shopping with an unlimited budget,Fashion Sneakers - Retro With A Twist really, and I have noticed that the love it - hate it cycle that we women go through with particular articles of clothing has become much shorter; by the time I am actually going to pull out the credit card and make a purchase, some other little hot number has caught my eye and the first one gets dropped cold.

If I find something that I still like in the morning, I will it. Could it be that we women treat our clothing much in the same manner that we despise so inMoschino Jeans made from Stretch - Gabardine in 1970s Retro Style. men! We love our clothes when they are new and fresh and haven't yet started to get on our nerves, or become to restrictive and not let us move about as we would like to. One day however, even though we have sworn our undying love to a certain favorite pair of jeans, a slinky little dress, or a comforting, fuzzy sweater it happens before we even realize what is going on!

Retro Tube Top by AdidasWe don't mean it to happen, it just does. We go home with a new pair of jeans, a slinkier dress or fuzzier sweater, and before we know it, we encounter our first true loves in the closet and realize the painful truth: we have grown apart and no longer have anything in common. We try to overlook it for Retro Terry Cloth Shorts by Adidasawhile, pretend it hasn't happened, maybe even take the old flames out for an evening to see if there is any spark left, but we both know that we would really rather have worn the new jeans.

Before we know it, we are gazing after the tail lights of the Goodwill truck with a certain sense of sadness and excitement, and when it is gone, we turn and go back inside, to start a new life....and lo and behold, the new jeans are now Sprawled on the sofa, smelling a little like beer, and you hope that after all that, they will still fit.

The Retro Wardrobe Must Have:

   Not Your Daughter's Jeans Audrey Twill Slim Ankle PantsThe Audrey Pants1954 Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face - Wearing Black Ankle Pants

Everybody should have a pair of Audrey Pants - Named for Audrey Hepburn, who had so much fashion sense she is still influencing what we wear today. Here are Audrey Pants in Plus Sizes!

White Trench Coat with Fur TrimBeige Cardigan with Fur Trim Denim Jacket with Mink Fur Collar

Survey of Fur Fashion


Why would I want to look at trunks?
  1. "Return To The '80s!" - a nifty selection of 1980's jewelry currently available on Yoox ==>> Return to the '80s  - so totally not gag me! bitchen!
  2. - New UGG fall styles!
    UGG Trunk Show starting Tuesday, June 23 and running through Sunday, July 5
  3. Exclusive Designer Discounts at Editorsí Closet Private Sales Events - You've GOT to check this out - some of the prices are unbelievable.
  4. Lucky Magazine's Boutique of the Week:!
  5. YOOX.COM 20% Off Spring Summer! All kinds of fun fashion!
  6. Armani Collezioni! FALL TRUNK SHOW Finally, another trunk show! NORDSTROM.
  7. Classics on sale at Lands' End: The Find at Lands' End - One incredible buy for a limited time.
  8. Spring Fling at Lands' End - Hurry, these love-it-gotta-have-it deals end soon!
  9. BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall 2008 Trunk Show
  10. Juicy Couture exclusive online trunk show. Pre-order from the Fall 2008 Collection. Shop NORDSTROM.
  11. UGG Australia Exclusive Online Trunk Show. Pre-Order From The Fall 2008 Collection
  12. Stuart Weitzman fall trunk show at NORDSTROM.
  13. Donald J. Pliner - New women's shoes from designer Donald J Pliner, only online at
  14. "Exclusively Online" Be The First To Own The Latest Styles From Donna Karan. Pre-order only at
  15. Juicy Couture Spring 2008 Trunk Show - was fun while it lasted
  17. UGG Australia exclusive online trunk show. - Pre-order from the Spring 2008 Collection at NORDSTROM.
  18. Here is a complete list of all of Macy's coupons, promotions and coupon codes...

The Icons Of Fashion DVD Set
Biographies of Giorgio Armani, The Versace Family, Vera Wang and Donna Karan

La Vie en Coco

Coco Chanel Long Dress
Black jersey dress with white piping.
Short sleeves, two front pockets, mid-calf length. Source: Private source Condition: Excellent - $550

1980s Chanel Pearl Necklace
Stunning pearl necklace
with gold tone centerpiece enriched with rhinestones, one half-pearl and a dangling red glass paste drop.  Signed on the back of the centerpiece.
Production date: 1980s
Source: Private source
Condition: Excellent - $ 1,160

Calling Agent 99

60s Style Juicy Couture Lantern Sleeve Geometric Peacoat
60s Style Juicy Couture Lantern Sleeve Geometric Peacoat

The Crossover

Is it 60s? Is it 70s? Who can tell? 70s Style Tunics with 60s Style Prints...It's a Mippie! (Mod + heard it here first!)

The Vintage Factory

 A selection of Vintage pieces inspired by Andy Warhol's FACTORY GIRLS.

1960 Andy Warhol Inspired Short, sleeveless dress in silk crÍpe with pink and purple-colored print.
Only on YOOX.COM

Retro Mini Skirt Look of 1965+

Retro Mini Skirt Look of 1965 by Diane von Furstenberg 'Roberts' Twill Shift Dress 2007
by Diane von Furstenberg - The 'Roberts' Twill Shift Dress  - 2007

1951 Athletic Fashion for Women - Bowling Outfit

Athletic Fashion of 1951

"You're rolling in the comfort and style of KTG's new athletic look. From any angle this sporty, ten-pin two tone is graceful, practical. Styled for action in permanent finish, crease-resistant rayon gabardine, and available in a wide choice of color combinations. Also made in solid colors"

Athletic Fashion of 2006

2006 Athletic Fashion Racer-back stretch topWarm-up zip front stretch jacket

Warm-up zip front stretch jacket and Crisscross Back Crop Top From

Warm-up zip front stretch jacket. Moisture control fabric transports moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. You will stay dry, cool and comfortable. SWETOUT. Polyamide elastane. Hand wash.