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Friday, despite the best of planning and intentions, my schedule has always gone to heck, so I don't even pretend to try anymore. Friday is come what may day. The kids can eat candy, watch TV and I absolutely positively do not cook!

Friday is for take out Chinese (Thai, Indian), Pizza or plain old Burgers and Fries from one of those ubiquitous red and yellow joints. Friday nights we watch TV, or just laze around and do not much of anything.

There must be dessert on Fridays, and usually there is a trip to Blockbuster or we watch the latest Netflix arrival. (Netflix is a service that was invented for people like me, who never, ever manage to get a movie back on time). Blockbuster has made a small fortune off of me and my kind, and I suspect that my absence from the local Blockbuster after I signed up for the Netflix thing played a big part in their "Never Pay Late Fees" campaign.

No need to thank me, I was happy to do it!

June 2009 Update - I haven't been to blockbuster for about 2 years now, we always cook on Friday nights, and every other day of the week, and we cut off the TV. If it isn't on the internet, we don't watch it. Three cheers for HULU!

WHAT DO YOU DO ON FRIDAYS? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline! - P.S. If you have a topically related Blog, site or MySpace etc. page, I will be happy to link to it from your tip...although I retain the right not to disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer, legal stuff that keeps me out of trouble. Basically, I don't want any of the bad stuff we all try to avoid on the net.

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