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Crazy Love Dahlia
Crazy Love Dahlia...Yeah Baby

Tip:  If you are planning to plant your blue and white garden in a shady area, favor lighter shades of blue that will stand out in the low light. Lavender to pale blues will work best with your white flowers.

If you wish to use a darker blue or purple flower in your garden, surround it with your white flowers for contrast.

Emperor  Colossal Dahlia
Emperor Colossal Dahlia


Are Dahlias a bit spooky ?

Poisonous Plants

Hemlock Picture of Poisonous Hemlock Flower
Hemlock Conium maculatum flower - looks a lot like Queen Anne's Lace. Hemlock is nasty stuff and really poisonous! More Hemlock info - Growing at a place near you!

Pink Oleander Flowers
Pink Oleander Flowers - Pretty isn't it? It is also everywhere in warm, dry climates and is really poisonous!


The Down to Earth Housewife

Nice people garden. It's a fact. That doesn't mean that all people who garden are nice, but there is a better chance that they will become nice if they keep up the gardening. Don't ask me why, God made it that way.

The retro housewife takes pride in her family garden as an outlet for her creativity and a source of beauty for herself and her family. The retro housewife does not waste her husband's money on a gardener, except perhaps for the heavy duty work not befitting the lady of the house. Instead, our retro housewife creates a soothing garden. A Garden which is a pleasing to the eye oasis for relaxation, recreation and gracious entertaining.

Tips For Plant Killers

If you are the type that cause plants to wither in fear just passing by them at the Home Depot, take heart! There is hope for you yet.

I am one of these - I planted beautiful flowers, palms, herbs, trees only to watch them shrivel up and die. Except for Roses. I stick a rose bush in the ground, it grows to be 6' tall. I have seen roses in all types of climates, too. So, just fill your garden with roses and nobody will know the truth - they will think you elegant. Neat trick? I think so...

An excellent retro housewife will educate herself on the local climate, flora and fauna, as well as growing conditions. She plans for the seasons, knows when to order flower bulbs for spring planting, when to put them in the garden, and when to expect their arrival in the spring.

The retro housewife gardener will also know her own tastes and style, and garden type will be pleasing to herself, husband and family. Remember, the skilled housewife will create her outdoor garden to compliment the environment she has created in the family home.

 Blue Roses

A Retro Housewife Garden : The Relaxing and Cheerful Garden.

Try out something new in your garden. You can decorate your garden as you decorate your home, choosing the colors, patterns and textures of your plants and flowers to express your own unique taste.

Build your own Blue and White Garden!

Be creative! Here are directions on how you can plant your own Blue and White Garden lickety split! Take your pick of the pretty flowers on this page.  Each flower is unique and beautiful in its own right. The effects you can create in your garden by mixing flowers will be breathtaking!

Make your selections now, and order them far enough ahead of time so your bulbs arrive at the proper planting time for your climate.

With a wide variety of bloom times, heights, flower forms and sizes, these blue and white perennials offer you a complete flower palette to work with. Let your imagination run free! White and blue flowers combine well together because they are close on the color wheel. This is a sure-fire color scheme if you wish to create a garden scene that is at once relaxing and cheerful.

No matter what or where you are planting, don't forget to leave room for green. Green foliage is essential for allowing the eye to rest and for framing or offsetting your blue and white flower creations. Create a restful retreat of blue and white flowers anywhere you like - it's easy, enjoyable & elegant!

Got Gardening Tips? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline

Never Be Without Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are just plain swell. They perk up a room, and make you appear just plain with-it and together.

While your friends are teetering on the verge of a nervous break down, you are calmly arranging freesias in a pink ceramic vase.

Your prudent use of fresh cut flowers throughout your home will enhance your status amongst your peers, without the negative side effects of, say, flaunting your new Lexus. (Which may cause some to secretly hope you drive it into a tree.) And finally, if you would like to help out a friend or family member who is in need of an image overall, you could look into flower delivery at or similar flower delivery service. Choose flowers which will last a week or two, or if you have a devious streak, send tulips, they are beautiful, but short-lived and make a huge mess as the petals fall off.

Blue Star Dahlia
Blue Star Dahlia

If you are planting in full sun, you can make great use of brightly colored flowers. This is where you will want to show off your deep blues, purples and shimmering silvery whites. Try to avoid pastels because they will appear washed out in the intense sun.