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Steve Madden Coupon Code gives out a coupon code every 6 weeks or so - but the discount is usually only valid for a few days.
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Kids Coupons

Not coupons for kids, rather, coupons for MOMs who have to buy their kids clothes, school supplies, toys - you get the picture!


For Teenagers
Blue Bee: - No doubt your teenage girl knows Blue Bee - and wants to buy her clothes there - It's the "In" thing in teenage fashion at the moment...

  1. SmileMakers coupon code - AFILT1125 % + Free Shipping offer.

Retro Housewife - A salute to the suburban superwoman.
Retro Housewife: A Salute To The Suburban Superwoman.

When do I get my Invisible Plane?


No More Fooling Around! New Years Resolution Time! Here's a coupon for the Medifast Diet:

The Bargain Shopper

Woman ShoppingDo you always check the sale rack before you start on the full price items? I do! I love sales and am always on the look-out for savings. I have started collecting lists of sale items at various online sites - it is basic for now but there are quite a few great sales!

Here's the tool that has all kinds of things that are on sale!

So far, the following stores are included: Activa Sports, AutoSport Catalog, Bargain Catalog Outlet ...and many more. Here's a page with just shoes on sale - I will be adding more shoes and some buttons that let you search for a style of shoe, or a particular brand. You know - when I have the time!

Choosing what to buy
  1. Selecting a new set of dishes or selecting a set for your bridal registry.
  2. Grocery Shopping Today!

Best time to buy...

  1. Christmas Ornaments & Gifts - Right after Christmas....Gee that was tough, wasn't it?

Coupon Clippers

  1. Clipping old fashioned coupons!
  2. Those Newfangled Online Coupons! Often appearing with a Coupon Code, Online Coupons are the digital version of the coupons we know and love! The downside is that we can not irritate the people behind us in line at the supermarket while we try to save 25 cents with the coupon we so carefully clipped from the week-end funnies section!
  3. Blue Chip and Green Stamps ! - Remember those? Whatever happened to them? Never fear!  I am researching just that and will let you all know!

How to buy...

We Know Car Buying For Women!A New Car - Let your husband do it unless you want to be taken for a ride...or use a site that "Knows Car Buying for Women" like

Most importantly, do your research! Know how much the car you want costs before you go to a dealer. Get a few price quotes too. (The web is great for this - most sites'll give you several quotes and typically, they're Free!)

Learn to say "Fully Loaded?" with confidence, and if at all possible, bring a man. I don't know why, but we women have "Sucker" written across our forehead or something.

For Example: When we bought our monster , I would have folded much too soon and would have paid much too much! Either that, or I would have run screaming from the car dealership and would have gotten no car at all.

Hubby negotiated it and sometimes it was downright embarrassing for me - I thought my husband was being too tough - I wanted the car, after all, but damned if he didn't get the price he wanted.

Funny Car PictureAt one point I left the room because the sales guy had just asked my husband whether he would "flip for it" - I knew that wasn't going to to go well so I went out into the showroom and pretended to study a Nissan Murano intensely - which was silly because there is no way our dog would fit in the Murano! We were getting the Nissan Flotilla due to its ability to cart around a 185 lb dog + a few kids + luggage and it has one of those built in TVs and tells the temperature outside and has seat warmers.

At one point my husband said something like "c'mon we're leaving" - and I ducked down to inspect the tires of the Murano... but then there was some more discussion and then I saw them shake hands!

Of course, then he left me alone with the sales guy while we filled out the paperwork and I signed up for a 72,000 mile maintenance program... I couldn't help it - I felt bad for the guy because we got such a low price. SEE?

Here are some helpful links: How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online - I find the Owner's Manual helpful at times - especially when those lights on the dash start to blink when they're not supposed to.

A New House - Location, Location, Location - If you have any money right now (October 2008) BUY, BUY, BUY!

Professional Shoppers - Remember Shopping when you were Single?

Musings of my little sister; single, swanky and completely uninhibited with the credit card. At times you will think I am making things up for entertainment, but I assure you, such a sister exists, the shopping exploits are real, and the rest of the family has decided that if we can get her to write about shopping, maybe she will spend less time actually really shopping. Call it a last ditch effort to save some of our inheritance. RH

  1. Confessions of an HSN Junkie
  2. Still Confessing, Still Shopping
  3. Shopping at Nordstrom

My Scratch Pad of Coupon Codes:

  1. Sandals Royal BahamianSANDALS AND BEACHES RESORTS - Need a vacation? Here's a Sandals coupon code (code and offer on site) for a $250 Spa credit. Doesn't that sound LOVELY? Sandals' Red Lane Spa or Resort $250 Credit Offer -  Click here for the details and to access the coupon code.  We are going to the Caribbean (Bahamas), and staying at the Sandals Royal Bahamian, next week!! Very exciting!
  2. Paul Frederick coupon code - (Gifts and apparel for him...Dad etc!) Free Shipping Offer >>> M7FSLS
  3. coupon code - Here's a Corner Stork coupon Take an additional 10% off $75 Purchase. Coupon code: (Just cut and paste the code!). 
  4. Domestications coupon code:

    - Here's a new coupon code from Domestications for:
    1. Shop Domestications and get a FREE Matching Throw with Every Fleece Blanket Purchase!. I wonder what it matches!
    2. 15% OFF* Your ENTIRE Order - Enter coupon code D9FAFF15 at checkout - ends 6/30/2009 - there is a little box where you can enter the code (Tip: just cut and paste then you won't type it in wrong! ).
    3. Best Buys at Domestications - Something for Everyone under $100. New Items just added.
  5. Jos A Bank coupon code: Here is a coupon code from Jos A Bank for 20% Off Regular Price On Any Purchase - Use Jos Coupon Code: JAB04 Link to Jos!
  6. Mrs. Beasly's coupon code (yum yum) 15% Off Entire Order with coupon code PERF Click here for offer details.
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue LogoSAKS 5TH AVENUE COUPON CODES - The Shoe and Handbag gift card event at Saks 10.30.0811.02.08! Shoes: spend $500-999 get $100, spend $1000+ get $250 with coupon code SHOES & Handbags: spend $1,000-1,999 get $250, spend $2,000+ get $500 with coupon code HANDBAGS.
  8. Silhouettes coupon code: Save 20% on your purchase of $100 or more! Use coupon code AFF7PC12 and here's another Silhouettes coupon code: AFF7PC11 for free shipping on your order of $100 or more. - Ends 12/31
  9.  Soft Surroundings coupon: Soft Surroundings Coupon FREE Shipping On Orders Of $150 Or More at! Enter coupon code: 3426020 at check out. From 11/24-12/14.

I love the Vermont Country Store! They have great old fashioned items and stuff that is impossible to get elsewhere.

Then there is Lehman's, if you would like to go REALLY retro and live like your great, great grandparents did. (I think I would opt for electricity...)




HAVE A TIP OF YOUR OWN? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline!

Retro Housewife
Special coupon codes for Retro Housewife visitors!
Here are a few coupons for some stores or products I think are Spiffy!
(These coupons are for online shopping.)
Ross Simons Coupon Code
  Ross Simons has great vintage jewelry

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YOOX10 MLK Day Event: FREE standard shipping on all orders on with code MLKWKND. Ends 1/21/13

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Here's another yoox coupon code: Current yoox code:  An EXTRA 10% OFF Kidswear on Coupon Code: LITTLEWORLD expires 11/20/2012 on

New Yoox coupon (no code) for Up to an Extra 40% Off on YOOX.COM
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New Too! Finally, Here is the Stella McCartney's Limited Edition Tank Top - A Worldwide Exclusive only on YOOX!  They are making a big deal out of this...just saw it in People Mag. May become a collector's item?

Weight Watchers Coupon

Here's a coupon for Weight Watchers! This weight watchers coupon now lasts until 06/30!
**They extended it yet another month. BTW, The biggest diet season is coming up so watch for a new 2009 Weight Watchers weight loss plan...and a Weight Watchers coupon to go with it!

Weight Watcher's Canada Coupon

For our Canadian friends! This is the same offer as the Weight Watcher's US coupon above... get  25% Off with the Coupon: Weight Watcher's Canada Coupon

Weight Watcher's UK Coupon

and...last but not least a Weight Watcher's UK coupon! The Weight Watcher's UK coupon is only for £5 Off but it's better than nothing!  Weight Watcher's UK Coupon
I just found yet another Weight Watcher's UK coupon...seems to be for the same service but now 20 £ off!

Secret Code!!

Ladies! I got this coupon code for free shipping with a $75 order at the BedBathStore! The code is: DiscountFS
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Discount on my favorite Vacuum! Dyson Coupon Code:

Get 10% Off On Dyson Dc07 Upright Vacuums - Steel/Yellow, Hepa, Animal & Fullgear. Use coupon code GV10.
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Here's a Dyson voucher (UK - British people call coupons vouchers! ) Coupon Code

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