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Daily Schedule


  • Start Roomba to vacu-sweep the downstairs.
  • Put DirtDog out to sweep the garage. It really needs it after the week-end! I don't put the DirtDog out in the garage over the week-end because it is far more likely that he gets run over.
Retro Housewife Weekly Time Management Suggestion: As a mother of 3, I lay out my children's clothing each night before tucking them in to avoid the morning hassle of hearing " MOM .....I can't find.....That's my best! Lisa in Michigan!


 I've gotten some requests from readers to build this section out a bit, to help other Retros manage their day, so I will be adding more: Check back!
PS, Tips Welcome!

Mondays lovely Mondays. Fresh out of the week-end, we are back in our routine. If school is in session, the kids are in school and we have a chance to relax from the obligations of the week-end.

If you have little ones that aren't in school yet, then relaxing is probably the last thing on your mind! It is however, even more important for you to find time for yourself to rest and regenerate.

Here's how I did it when my kids were little!

6:00 - 7:00  Rise and Shine! I always put my kids to bed at 8:30, so they were early risers, which means that I was an early riser too! The first things to do when they wake up are:

  • Diaper change, clean clothes and off to the kitchen for breakfast.
  • Wash up in the kitchen, scoot the hubby out the door.
  • Play time for baby, light housework, then maybe a walk or trip to the park
  • Lunch around 12:30, then a story or something quiet, then...

1:00 - 3:00 NAP TIME! It is really important for everyone's sanity that little children have a regular nap. Mom should take at least an hour to read, watch TV or nap too! tbc.

WHAT DO YOU DO ON MONDAYS? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline! - P.S. If you have a topically related Blog, site or MySpace etc. page, I will be happy to link to it from your tip...although I retain the right not to disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer, legal stuff that keeps me out of trouble. Basically, I don't want any of the bad stuff we all try to avoid on the net.

Mondays: Consist of vacuuming and dusting! Sent in by Lisa in Michigan! October 25, 2007

Things I did while a Stay-at-home-Mom (aka Housewife) - a mother recounts all the things a housewife can/should do so as not to be "bored".

Tools Of The Trade

  1. Organization tools at Lillian Vernon
  2. Organization Products at - Linen -n- Things is was one of my favorite stores for household stuff. I (used to) shop there for most of my organization items.
  1. Floor Cleaning
    1. Carpets and Rugs
      Vacuum Cleaner
      Carpet Cleaner
      Spot Cleaner

Get Organized! Monday Must Dos

Do one thing each week that will improve the organization of your household. You can do one thing, can't you?

Here are some organizing ideas to choose from on Mondays!
  1. Monday Mail Day Task (Level 1 - Beginner)! Create a system for snail (postal) mail. If you are like me, you are being buried in mail. Get an inbox system where you can sort your mail according to priority. Shred your junk mail (and by junk mail I mean anything with your name on it that isn't a bill, statement or personal letter), and recycle the ads as soon as you are done.
  2. Monday Mail Day Task  (Level 2 - Intermediate)! Create a home post office (or assess the one you have). Your home post office should contain the following items: Stamps (postage), envelopes (personal letter size and business size), address labels or an address stamp with your address on them, a letter opener, a postage meter or scale, an address book (digital or paper), a supply of express mail envelopes for any express mail services you use (Fed Ex, UPS - an make sure you have their numbers handy and website bookmarked, too).
  3. Monday Mail Day (Level 3 Advanced)! - Set in a supply of Greeting, Holiday and Occasion cards with envelopes AND decorative and seasonal stamps to match. Update your address book to include birthdays of friends and family, and note who is on which greeting card list.
  4. Designate a container for items to donate to charity. If possible, put it near the front door (in a closet?). Affix a sticker to the container with the name and number of the charity that comes by. If they do so regularly, note this on your sticker too! Educate family about new container.

Other Sites about Organizing:

  1. Real Simple